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(Revised December 30, 2022)


 252.243-7000 Reserved.
 252.243-7001 Pricing of Contract Modifications.
 252.243-7002 Requests for Equitable Adjustment.

252.243-7000  Reserved.


252.243-7001  Pricing of Contract Modifications.

As prescribed in 243.205-70, use the following clause:




When costs are a factor in any price adjustment under this contract, the contract cost principles and procedures in FAR Part 31 and DFARS Part 231, in effect on the date of this contract, apply.


(End of clause)


252.243-7002  Requests for Equitable Adjustment.

As prescribed in 243.205-71, use the following clause:




      (a)  The amount of any request for equitable adjustment to contract terms shall accurately reflect the contract adjustment for which the Contractor believes the Government is liable.  The request shall include only costs for performing the change, and shall not include any costs that already have been reimbursed or that have been separately claimed.  All indirect costs included in the request shall be properly allocable to the change in accordance with applicable acquisition regulations.


      (b)  In accordance with 10 U.S.C. 3862(a), any request for equitable adjustment to contract terms that exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold shall bear, at the time of submission, the following certificate executed by an individual authorized to certify the request on behalf of the Contractor:


I certify that the request is made in good faith, and that the supporting data are accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.






(Official’s Name)









      (c)  The certification in paragraph (b) of this clause requires full disclosure of all relevant facts, including¾


              (1)  Certified cost or pricing data, if required, in accordance with subsection 15.403-4 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR); and


              (2)  Data other than certified cost or pricing data, in accordance with subsection 15.403-3 of the FAR, including actual cost data and data to support any estimated costs, even if certified cost or pricing data are not required.


      (d)  The certification requirement in paragraph (b) of this clause does not apply to¾


              (1)  Requests for routine contract payments; for example, requests for payment for accepted supplies and services, routine vouchers under a cost-reimbursement type contract, or progress payment invoices; or


              (2)  Final adjustments under an incentive provision of the contract.


(End of clause)




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