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(Revised October 01, 1999)

226.7000 Scope of subpart.
This subpart implements the historically black college and university (HBCU) and minority institution (MI) provisions of 10 U.S.C. 2323, which-

226.7001 Definitions.
Definitions of HBCUs and MIs are in the clause at 252.226-7000.

226.7002 General policy.
The DoD will use outreach efforts, technical assistance programs, advance payments, HBCU/MI set-asides, and evaluation preferences to meet its contract and subcontract goal for use of HBCUs and MIs. In addition, DoD will establish "infrastructure assistance" (e.g., scholarships, faculty development, teaming agreements with defense laboratories, and laboratory renovation) at colleges, universities, and institutions that agree to bear a substantial portion of the costs associated with the programs.

226.7003 Set-asides for HBCUs and MIs.

226.7003-1 Set-aside criteria.
Set-aside acquisitions for exclusive HBCU and MI participation when the acquisition is for research, studies, or services of the type normally acquired from higher educational institutions and there is a reasonable expectation that-

226.7003-2 Set-aside procedures. 226.7004 Reserved.

226.7005 Eligibility as an HBCU or MI.

226.7006 Protesting an HBCU or MI representation.
Any offeror or other interested party may challenge an offeror's HBCU or MI representation by filing a protest with the contracting officer. The protest must contain specific detailed evidence supporting the basis for the challenge. Such protests are handled in accordance with FAR 33.103 and are decided by the contracting officer.

226.7007 Goals and incentives for subcontracting with HBCU/MIs.

226.7008 Solicitation provision and contract clause.
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