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subpart 208.4--ordering from federal supply schedules

(Revised July 31, 2000)



 208.404 Using schedules.
 208.404-1 Mandatory use.
 208.404-2 Optional use.
 208.405 Ordering office responsibilities.
 208.405-2 Order placement.

208.404  Using schedules.


      (a)  When a schedule lists both foreign and domestic items that will meet the needs of the requiring activity, the ordering office must apply the procedures of Part 225 and FAR Part 25, Foreign Acquisition.  When purchase of an item of foreign origin is specifically required, the requiring activity must furnish the ordering office sufficient information to permit the determinations required by Part 225 and FAR Part 25 to be made.


208.404-1  Mandatory use.

The DoD will not be a mandatory user of any schedule unless individual DoD activities elect to provide annual requirements estimates to GSA and become mandatory users.  Examples of areas where this approach may be applied are:


      (1)  Group 68-gases and chemicals;


      (2)  Group 26-pneumatic tires and inner tubes;


      (3)  Maintenance, repair, and/or rehabilitation of personal property; and


      (4)  “Just-in-time” arrangements for delivery of material directly from vendors to users.


208.404-2  Optional use.

Make maximum use of the schedules.  Other procedures may be used if further competition is judged to be in the best interest of the Government in terms of quality, responsiveness, or cost.


208.405  Ordering office responsibilities.


208.405-2  Order placement.


      (1)  When ordering from schedules, ordering offices—


              (i)  May use DD Form 1155, Order for Supplies or Services, to place orders for—


                    (A)  Commercial items at or below the simplified acquisition threshold; and


                    (B)  Other than commercial items at any dollar value (see 213.307);


              (ii)  Shall use SF 1449, Solicitation/Contract/Order for Commercial Items, to place orders for commercial items exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold (see FAR 12.204); and


              (iii)  May use SF 1449 to place orders for other than commercial items at any dollar value.


      (2)  Schedule orders may be placed orally if—


              (i)  The contractor agrees to furnish a delivery ticket for each shipment under the order (in the number of copies required by the ordering office).  The ticket must include the—


                    (A)  Contract number;


                    (B)  Order number under the contract;


                    (C)  Date of order;


                    (D)  Name and title of person placing the order;


                    (E)  Itemized listing of supplies or services furnished; and


                    (F)  Date of delivery or shipment; and


              (ii)  Invoicing procedures are agreed upon.  Optional methods of submitting invoices for payment are permitted, such as—


                    (A)  An individual invoice with a receipted copy of the delivery ticket;


                    (B)  A summarized monthly invoice covering all oral orders made during the month, with receipted copies of the delivery tickets (this option is preferred if there are many oral orders); or


                    (C)  A contracting officer statement that the Government has received the supplies.


      (3)  For purchases where cash payment is an advantage, the use of imprest funds in accordance with 213.305 is authorized when—


              (i)  The order does not exceed the threshold at FAR 13.305-3(a); and


              (ii)  The contractor agrees to the procedure.


      (4)  If permitted under the schedule contract, use of the Governmentwide commercial purchase card--


              (i)  Is mandatory for placement of orders valued at or below the micro-purchase threshold; and


              (ii)  Is optional for placement of orders valued above the micro-purchase threshold.

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