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(Revised February 14, 2003)



 G- Scope
 G- Assignment
 G- Activity

G-100  Scope.

This appendix identifies the activity address numbers to be used with the uniform procurement instrument identification numbering system prescribed in DFARS Subpart 204.70.


G-101  Assignment and use of a number.


      (a)  Activities coding solicitations, contracts and related instruments shall use only those codes assigned by their respective department/agency activity address monitor(s).


      (b)  The six-character code is used in the first six positions of the procurement instrument identification number (PIIN).  When required, activities also will be assigned a two position code.  The two position code is used in the first two positions of the call/order serial number.


      (c)  Activity address monitors are—



Department of the Army

Attn:  OSA(RDA)-PA

5109 Leesburg Pike, Suite 916

Falls Church, VA  22041-3201




Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Cleveland

(Code AADB)

1240 East Ninth Street

Cleveland, OH  44199-4000




Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

2 Navy Annex, Room 2135

Washington, DC  20380-1775





1060 Air Force Pentagon

Washington, DC  20330-1060




Defense Logistics Agency

Acquisition Operations Team

8725 John J. Kingman Road, Suite 2533

Fort Belvoir, VA  22060-6221





All other Defense agencies will forward requests for Appendix G maintenance to the Department of the Army, OSA(RDA)-PA.


*  The Navy and Marine Corps Activity Address Monitor for assignment of two-character call/order serial numbers is:


Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (RD&A)

2211 South Clark Place

Crystal Plaza 5, Room 506

Arlington, VA  22202-3738


G-102  Activity address number data base maintenance.


      (a)  The Defense Logistics Agency, Acquisition Operations Team, Fort Belvoir, VA  22060-6221 is the executive agent for maintenance of six and two character code assignments.  The executive agency distributes blocks of two character codes to department/agency activity address monitors for further assignment.


      (b)  Contracting activities submit requests for assignment of or changes in either the six character or two character codes to their activity address monitor in accordance with department/agency procedures.  Activity address monitors¾


              (1)  Approve requests for additions, deletions, or changes;


              (2)  Notify the executive editor, Defense Acquisition Regulations System, OUSD(AT&L)DPAP(DAR), 3062 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC  20301-3062; and


              (3)  Provide a copy of the notification to the executive agent.


      (c)   A copy of the Appendix G data base is available on floppy diskettes as a data base file or a text file from the executive agent.




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