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(Revised December 1, 2017)


(See DFARS 219.7, DFARS/PGI view)


PGI 219.702  Statutory requirements


      (i)  The test program—


              (A)  Will be conducted—


                     (1)  In accordance with the DoD test plan, “Test Program for Negotiation of Comprehensive Small Business Subcontracting Plans”; and


                     (2)  By the military departments and defense agencies through specifically designated contracting activities; and


              (B)  Permits contractors selected for participation in the test program by the designated contracting activities to—


                     (1)  Negotiate plant, division, or company-wide comprehensive subcontracting plans instead of individual contract subcontracting plans; and


                     (2)  Use the comprehensive plans when performing any DoD contract or subcontract that requires a subcontracting plan.


      (ii)  During the test period, comprehensive subcontracting plans will be—


              (A)  Negotiated on an annual basis by the designated contracting activities;


              (B)  Incorporated by the contractors' cognizant contract administration activity into all of the participating contractors' active DoD contracts that require a plan; and


              (C)  Accepted for use by contractors participating in the test, whether performing at the prime or subcontract level.


PGI 219.705 Responsibilities of the contracting officer under the subcontracting assistance program.


PGI 219.705-4 Reviewing the subcontracting plan.

When reviewing the subcontracting plan, contracting officers may use the document entitled “DoD Checklist for Reviewing Subcontracting Plans.” The document is available at


PGI 219.705-6 Postaward responsibilities of the contracting officer.


      (f)  When reviewing subcontracting reports, contracting officers may use the document entitled “DoD Subcontracting Program—Business Rules and Processes for (1) Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) and (2) Preparing and Reviewing Related Subcontract Reports.” The document is available at