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(Revised February 26, 2016)

PGI 253.215 -- Contracting by Negotiation
(See DFARS 253.215, DFARS/PGI view)

PGI 253.215-70  DD Form 1547, Record of Weighted Guidelines Application.


      (a)  Use the DD Form 1547 as prescribed in DFARS 215.404-70 and 215.404-71.


      (b)  General instructions.


              (1)  Report amounts as they relate to the price of the contract action without regard to funding status (e.g., amounts obligated).


              (2)  Express all dollar values to the nearest whole value (e.g., $200,008.55 = $200,009).


              (3)  Do not express percentages beyond the nearest thousandth (e.g., interest rate--8.257%).


              (4)  If the contracting office is exempt from reporting to the DoD management information system on profit and fee statistics (see PGI 215.404-76 (DFARS/PGI view)), do not complete Block 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12.


              (5)  Report an option amount for additional quantities as a separate contract action when exercised.


              (6)  Even though fixed-price type contract actions are negotiated on the basis of total price, prepare the negotiation summary portion of the DD Form 1547 showing the contracting officer's best estimates of cost and profit.


              (7)  For indefinite-delivery type contracts, prepare a consolidated DD Form 1547 for annual requirements expected to exceed the certified cost or pricing data threshold.


              (8)  Prepare a consolidated DD Form 1547, if possible, when multiple profit rates apply to a single negotiation.


      (c)  Specific instructions for completion of DD Form 1547.


              (1)  BLOCK 1--REPORT NO.  Enter the four-digit local control number followed by a dash and the last two digits of the fiscal year (e.g., 0004-06 for 4th action in fiscal year 2006).  Each field contracting office participating in profit reporting shall establish a control system for consecutively numbering completed DD Forms 1547.  Always start with 0001 at the beginning of each fiscal year and always use four digits.  This number will identify the specific DD Form 1547 in DoD's management information system and will be used for follow-up actions.


              (2)  BLOCK 2--BASIC PROCUREMENT INSTRUMENT IDENTIFICATION NO.  Enter the identifying contract number assigned per DFARS subpart 204.16.


              (3)  BLOCK 3--SPIIN.  Enter the supplemental procurement instrument identification number for supplemental agreements or other modifications, assigned per DFARS subpart 204.16.


              (4)  BLOCK 4--DATE OF ACTION.


                    (i)  Year.  Enter the last two digits of the year the action was negotiated (e.g., 06 for 2006).


                    (ii)  Month.  Enter the two-digit number for the month the action was negotiated (e.g., 09 for September).


              (5)  BLOCK 5--CONTRACTING OFFICE CODE.  Enter the code assigned the contracting office per DoD Procurement Coding Manual, Volume III.


              (6)  BLOCK 6--NAME OF CONTRACTOR.  Enter the contractor's name (including division name).


              (7)  BLOCK 7--DUNS NUMBER.  Enter the contractor establishment code number.


              (8)  BLOCK 8--FEDERAL SUPPLY CODE. 


              (9)  BLOCK 9--DOD CLAIMANT PROGRAM. 


              (10)  BLOCK 10--CONTRACT TYPE CODE.  Enter the appropriate code?




FPR (all types)

FPI (all types)




CPIF (all types)








              (11)  BLOCK 11--TYPE EFFORT.  Enter the appropriate code?






Research and








              (12)  BLOCK 12--USE CODE.  Enter the appropriate code for use of the weighted guidelines method?




Standard weighted guidelines method (DFARS 215.404-71-2(c)(1))


Alternate structured approach (DFARS 215.404-73)


Modified weighted guidelines approach (DFARS 215.404-72)


Technology incentive (DFARS 215.404-71-2(c)(2))





              (13)  BLOCKS 13 through 20--COST CATEGORY OBJECTIVE.  Enter the prenegotiation objectives.  Include contractor independent research and development/bid and proposal in the general and administrative expenses in Block 19.


              (14)  BLOCKS 21 through 29--WEIGHTED GUIDELINES PROFIT FACTORS.  Enter the amounts determined in accordance with DFARS 215.404-71 or 215.404-72.  This section is not required to be completed when using an alternate structured approach (DFARS 215.404-73).


              (15)  BLOCK 30--TOTAL PROFIT OBJECTIVE.  Enter the total of Blocks 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, and 29.  This section is not required to be completed when using an alternate structured approach (DFARS 215.404-73).


              (16)  BLOCKS 31 through 35--NEGOTIATION SUMMARY.  Complete as indicated on the form.  For fixed-price type contracts negotiated on a total price basis, enter the contracting officer's best estimates of cost and profit.  When using an alternate structured approach, see DFARS 215.404-73(b)(2) for offsets.


              (17)  BLOCKS 36 through 39--CONTRACTING OFFICER APPROVAL.  The contracting officer shall sign the form.  Include a complete (with area code) commercial telephone number to facilitate any follow-up actions.


              (18)  BLOCKS 96 through 99--OPTIONAL USE.  Complete in accordance with department/agency procedures, if any.