Acquisition Exchange Program Testimonials

"From a personal development perspective, this program has helped me improve my communication and leadership skills. Additionally, it has helped me strengthen my analytical skills by challenging me to work with Government systems that I had not worked with prior to the program. By gaining knowledge and understanding of these systems, I have had an opportunity to develop both personally and professionally."

"I came here 6 months ago from DCMA Manassas having little understanding of the policy side of contracting. I leave with a wealth of perspective and knowledge that will no doubt make me a better contracting professional. I hope that as I return to DCMA I may find opportunities to share what I have learned here with my peers, as well as encourage them to seek out opportunities of grown like this one."

"My experience as an AEP has been wonderful. I was gainfully employed within five minutes of walking through the door and the learning began immediately. My advice is to set extraordinary goals for yourself so you will know what you are capable of. What you learn as an AEP will be a valuable experience and will expand your understanding greatly."

"Exposure to the inner-workings of the defense procurement system has increased my 'big picture' understanding from a mere Polaroid to an expansive Mosaic."

"Expert guidance and insight from the staff created a tremendous opportunity for the exchange of knowledge. And they are just plain nice!"

"I would recommend this incredible opportunity to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and vision of defense acquisition."

"I was also amazed at how valued and respected the people in DPAP made me feel despite my junior level among the ranks. I would encourage anyone in the Government procurement workforce interested in enhancing their career to participate in the Acquisition Exchange Program."

"The Acquisition Exchange Program was a rare opportunity for me to gain a different perspective on policy development at higher levels of Government procurement and gave me exposure to an area of procurement that I had not yet encountered in my government career aside from classroom training - major program acquisitions."

"This broadening experience enabled me not only to be an observer, but actually allowed me to contribute to improving policies and ensuring clarity in the development of policies related to U.S. government procurement on the international level."

"It was truly a fascinating experience and privilege to work at the Pentagon, to attend meetings where innovative ideas and state of the art programs were developed, and to have the opportunity to meet and work with people who are really making positive changes in Government."

"As a Logistics Management Intern my experience in the AEP and particularly with PAIC was immeasurable. Not only was I able to take my DAU training and apply it to actual ACAT I programs, but I was also given a high level of responsibility right from the start placing me on the various IIPT's and giving me decision authority as a member of the DPAP team."

"I think the AEP is very well structured and gives the participants a true taste of the senior management acquisition process through direct project involvement, senior level decision briefings, and attending Congressional Committee hearings. The experience has and will continue to help me understand the complexity of contracting/acquisition development and the steps that can be taken at a field activity to prevent a long approval process by understanding what senior management look for in a SOW/PWS and how the FAR impacts those decisions."

"I have found the DPAP Acquisition Exchange program to be a challenging, enlightening, and valuable experience in my career. It gives participants the opportunity to showcase their talents and ideas in front of senior department leadership, and provides exposure to issues that would otherwise never filter to the field level. The outstanding support by DPAP management has made the experience one of the most rewarding of my career."

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