Component Specific Information

The flexibilities that the AcqDemo Project offers are often determined at the Component and/or local level. Therefore, it is extremely important to be knowledgeable of any Component or local policy and practices. This section of the site will provide you links to Component and local web sites as well as points of contact.

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Army Specific Information

Component Representative: (703) 805-5498

As of 30 September 2004, the Army was the largest player in the AcqDemo with over 5,500 participants (over 51% of the entire AcqDemo population), in numerous organizations.

Participating Organizations* include:

  • Acquisition Support Center (DDACM)
  • Army Acquisition Support Center
  • Army Material Systems Analysis Activity
  • Army Aviation and Missile Command
  • Army Tank - Automotive and Armaments Command
  • Armanment Research, Development, and Engineering Center
  • Army Contracting Agency
  • Army Contracting Command Korea
  • Assistant Secretary of the Army(AL&T)
  • ATEC - Army Evaluation Center
  • ATEC - Operational test Command
  • ATEC - Developmental Test Command
  • Defense Contracting Command - Washington
  • Future Combat Systems
  • G8 Army Digitization Office
  • Joint Program for Bio-defense
  • Joint Simulation Systems
  • Medical Command
  • Objective Force Task Force
  • Office of the Administrative Assistant, Directorate of Logistics
  • PEO Air, Space, and Missile Defense
  • PEO Aviation
  • PEO Combat Support/Combat Service Support
  • PEO Command, Control, and Communication
  • PEO Enterprise Information Systems
  • PEO Ground Combat Systems
  • PEO Information Systems
  • PEO Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Sensors
  • PEO Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation
  • PEO Soldier
  • PM Force Production Systems
  • PWO Chief Information Office
  • Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Acquisition Center

*Entire organization may not participate in Acqdemo.

Participating organizations are located in many different locations across the US including: the National Capital Region; Picatinny and Monmouth, NJ; Seattle, WA; San Antonio, TX; Seoul, Korea; Radford, VA; Orlando, FL; Huntsville, AL; Warren and Rock Island, MI; Aberdeen, MD; Hawaii; Augusta and Atlanta, GA; Watervliet, NY, and numerous others.

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Air Force Specific Information

Component Representative: (703) 588-7131

As of 30 September 2004, the Air Force had 3 organizations participating in the AcqDemo with a population of approximately 2,200 employees.

Participating organizations include:

  • Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC)
  • Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition)
  • 11th Contracting Squandron (Bolling AFB)

The Air Force Flight Test Center is located at Edwards AFB, CA and the SAF/AQ and 11th Contracting participants are in the National Capital Region.

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