Factor Descriptors and Discriminators

In CCAS, an employee's performance is a component of contribution that influences the ultimate overall contribution score (OCS). Contribution is measured by using a set of factors, discriminators, and descriptors, each of which is relevant to the success of a DoD acquisition organization. Taken together, these factors, discriminators, and descriptors capture the critical content of jobs in each career path. The factors, discriminators, and descriptors may not be modified or supplemented. These factors, discriminators, and descriptors are the same as those used to classify a position at the appropriate broadband level.

The six factors are:

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Teamwork/Cooperation
  3. Customer Relations
  4. Leadership/Supervision
  5. Communication
  6. Resource Management

These factors were chosen for evaluating the yearly contribution of DoD acquisition personnel in the three career parths:

  1. Business Management & Technical Management Professional
  2. Technical Management Support
  3. Administrative Support

Each factor has multiple levels of increasing contribution corresponding to the broadband levels.
Each factor contains descriptors for each respective level within the relevant career path.

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