The AcqDemo Tutorial is a good place to start for a look at AcqDemo initiatives. It allows employees to gain a basic knowledge of broadbanding, classification, workforce personnel actions, and the Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS). (Note: Federal Register Amendment effective October 16, 2002 changed the method of determining and translating retention service credit in Reduction-in Force (RIF). This change is not reflected in the RIF section of the Tutorial.)

To schedule a class or to get more information, please contact your Component Representative.

Broadbanding and Classification

  • Broadband levels I-IV replace General Schedule (GS) structure
  • Three career paths: Business Management & Technical Management Professional (NH), Technical
  • Management Support (NJ), and Administrative Support (NK)
  • New Position Requirement Document (PRD) replaces GS Position Description (PD)
  • PRD's created using automated development process
  • Classification authority delegated to functional managers

Hiring and Appointment Authorities

  • Delegated Examining Authorithy
  • Three appointing authorities:
    • Permanent (existing Career/Career-Conditional)
    • Temporary Limited (existing temporary)
    • Modified Term

Category Rating and Ranking

  • Applicants assigned 70 (Basically Qualified), 80 (Highly Qualified), or 90 (Superior) points based on KSAs
  • Preserves Vet Preference: Vets assigned 5, or 10, points (like Title 5) and listed in numerical order
  • 10 Point Vets with compensable preference (10% or greater disabled) go to the top of highest list certified (except Scientific/Engineering & Professional positions at a pay rate equivalent to GS9 or above )
  • All other veterans (10 Point Vets with non-compensable preference, 5 Point Vets, and those with 10 Point compensable preference applying for Scientific/Engineering & Professional positions at a pay rate equivalent to GS9 and above) are entered on the list in the order of their numerical score including veterans' preference points

Category Referral

  • Refer all candidates in the highest group certified; no limit on number referred
  • Refer next quality group if insufficient number in highest; can refer all 3 groups, candidates shown in numerical order
  • Cannot bypass Veteran without normal Title 5 approval

Rule of Three

  • Waived

Scholastic Achievement Appointment (also called Distinguished Scholar Appointment)

  • Applies to broadband II positions with positive education requirements
  • OPM Qual Standards for experience and education requirements
  • For GS-7, experience and education with GPA of 3.5 or better (on a 4.0 scale) in those courses specified in the OPM Qual Standard for the occupation and overall GPA of 3.0
  • For GS-9/11 equivalents, experience and education with GPA of 3.7 or better (on a scale of 4.0) for grad courses specified for the occupation

Modified Term Appointments (to include provisions for conversion to permanent)

  • Initial 5 years, with one year extension
  • Convert to permanent after 2 years through internal merit promotion if original job announcement indicates this was a condition for the job


  • OPM Qual Standards at lowest GS grade equivalent encompassed in broadband
  • Management may further refine job-related criteria to target higher skill levels/salary ranges in the broadband

Extended probationary period

  • Applies to NH (Business Management and Professional Management career path) only and when scheduled training/education takes them away from organization during probationary period
  • Extended for length of scheduled training/education

Voluntary Emeritus

  • At management's request, separated/retired employees may remain available to mentor new employees and guide continuing projects
  • Preserves security clearances but cannot replace permanent workforce
  • Not a Federal employee, however limited government liability exists

Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS)

  • Performance-Based Appraisal System replaced by Contribution-Based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS)
  • Contribution evaluation is based on six generic factors: Problem Solving, Teamwork/Cooperation, Customer Relations, Leadership/Supervision, Communication, Resource Management
  • Makes direct linkage of contribution to organization's mission
  • Contribution scores linked directly to pay adjustment

Reduction in Force

  • No competitive levels; AcqDemo positions in separate competitive area
  • Master retention list determined by tenure, veteran's preference, and adjusted SCD (no change);
  • Separate lists by competitive and excepted services and work schedules and by separate excepted appointing authorities
  • "Single round" process
  • Placement depends on qualifications (OPM standards and DAWIA applicable requirements), broadband level, and Service Computation Date adjusted to 4-level performance rating credit (pending revision)
  • Can displace employee with lowest retention standing in same or lower broadband level for which fully qualified
  • Undue disruption standard applies
  • Action processed (reassignment/CLG) depends on maximum salary rate ranges in broadbands
  • No grade retention; retained pay only when salary exceeds maximum of broadband to which assigned
  • May assign to vacancy in lieu of RIF; management may waive qualifications requirements

Definitions of Promotion (how employees go from one band to another)

  • Within AcqDemo, promotion is to any career path broadband with a higher maximum salary range
  • Competition required to move to a higher broadband
    Preserves normal exceptions to competition (repromotion, career ladder, accretion of duties, etc.)
  • No Time in Grade
  • OPM Qualification Standards at lowest GS grade encompassed in broadband; management may further refine KSAs to target a higher skill/salary set
  • Use existing negotiated Title 5 merit promotion plan
  • Management sets pay at 6-20% increase in individual's salary (or lowest rate in new broadband)


  • Extend SES-type sabbaticals to permanent employees with 7 years of Federal experience
  • Implementation and funding a local responsibility

Academic Degree & Certificate Training

  • Extended DAWIA authorized training through the duration of the AcqDemo project
  • Training extended to acquisition support positions
  • Implementation and funding a local responsibility

PPP Clearance

  • At highest GS grade encompassed in broadband
  • Management has option to request additional, lower GS grades by using TRA option (Training Agreements or Upward Mobility Assignments)

GS Equivalency

  • GS grade equivalency based on salary--must meet or exceed step 4 of higher GS grade encompassed in assigned broadband
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