Special Instructions for Contracting in Afghanistan

Key Links Supporting OEF:

- Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI)

- DOD Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG)

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OEF Authority / Class Deviations

Date Signed Signed by Title
12-Jan-15 DPAP Class Deviation–Contractor Personnel Performing in the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility
24-Nov-14 DPAP CC Contracting and Contractor Related Guidance and Information for Afghanistan
4-Apr-14 DPAP Class Deviation-Authority to Acquire Products and Services Produced in Countries Along a Major Route of Supply to Afghanistan or in Afghanistan
22-Apr-13 DPAP Amplifying Guidance on Contractor Taxation - Performance in Afghanistan
26-Feb-13 DPAP Contract Coordination Update for the USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility [FOUO, CAC-enabled]
12-Oct-12 DPAP Authorization for Contractors to Use Government Supply Sources in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom
05-Sep-12 USD (AT&L) Procurement of Products, Services, and Construction Materials from the Central Asian States in Support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
26-Apr-12 DPAP Life Support for Third Party Contractors in Afghanistan
17-Feb-12 DPAP Contingency Competition Goals and Competition Reviews of Certain Omnibus Contracts
15-Jul-09 DPAP Class Deviation for DFARS to Implement D&Fs Regarding Foreign Participation in DoD Acquisition in Support of Operations in Afghanistan
12-Feb-09 DPAP Class Deviation - Authority to Make Determinations with Regard to Acquisition of Products and Services, Other than Small Arms, Produced in Iraq and Afghanistan
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What DoD contracting related policies, regulations are applicable to OFS?
A: At this time, continue to refer to DPAP policies found above. Updates will be posted to this website as required.


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