OSD Procurement Data Improvement Plan Documents

1)  FY20 OSD Data Improvement Plan
2)  FY20 Data Improvement and Compliance Exhibits A-I
3)  FY20 OSD Data Improvement AnnualCert EX J
4)  FY20 OSD Data Improvement Anomaly Reports Exhibit K
5)  FY20 OSD Data Improvement Sampling Exhibit L
6)  FY20 OSD Data Improvement QuarterlyProgressStatement Ex M

The DPC/Contracting eBusiness office requests that Components submit their revised 2020 Component-level Plans to the action officer previously indicated in the
20 November 2012 DPAP Policy Memo, by January 10, 2020.

PDF DocumentImproving Federal Procurement Data System Reporting (18 April 2014)

Word DocumentV&V Manual FPDS Sampling Process Guide (5 February 2018)


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