Miscellaneous Pay

The Department of Defense (DoD) Miscellaneous Payment Working Group was established in February 2006 to work toward establishing a common approach toward miscellaneous payments across the Military Services and Defense Agencies. The Miscellaneous Payment Working Group is comprised of representatives from the DoD Purchase Card Program Management Office (PCPMO); the DoD Travel Management Office (DTMO); the Defense Travel System-Program Management Office (DTS-PMO); the Defense Acquisition University (DAU); the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force; the U.S. Marine Corps; and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

The working group has produced the Department of Defense Guidebook for Miscellaneous Payments to help DoD officials manage, and maintain DoD's miscellaneous payments. The guidebook, updated as of 30 June 2008, provides a high-level overview of policies and processes, with a goal of streamlining and consolidating miscellaneous payment procedures across the components. The guidebook contains appendices that provide information on specific types of miscellaneous payments to assist DoD officials who are responsible for requesting, approving, certifying, and making miscellaneous payments. The information for each type of miscellaneous payment is presented in a template.

The information contained in the templates has been gathered from the related statutes and Executive Orders, the DoD Financial Management Regulation, component Standard Operating Procedures, and other resources.

Generally, the templates in the guidebook have a statutory authority cited. The full text of these citations may be reviewed by using the following resources, as appropriate:

The guidebook is an evolving document and will be updated as additional templates are completed. Please e-mail any comments to the working group via Greg Plasters of the DoD Purchase Card Program Management Office (gregory.plasters@us.army.mil). Please include your name, office, telephone number, and e-mail address with your transmission so that the working group can follow up with any questions it might have. Thank you for your interest and help with this project.

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