Contracting eBusiness

Contracting eBusiness is guided by our Strategic Plan.


eBusiness works hand in hand with the Components to ensure functional process, policy, and data requirements are incorporated in DoD-wide procurement-related business initiatives and systems (such as Wide Area Workflow). In addition, eBusiness represents the Department's requirements with the federal Integrated Award Environment (IAE) portfolio of programs such as the System for Award Management (SAM) and Federal Procurement Data Systems (FPDS).


Purchase Card

Purchase Cards are government charge cards that enable the Department of Defense to streamline its business processes and thereby free up resources for critical national security needs.


Unique Identification

Unique Identification (UID) is an international standards based approach that makes the acquisition, repair, and deployment of items faster and more efficient. This is achieved by: (1) Marking qualifying items with a machine-readable data matrix mark that contains a permanent, globally unique and unambiguous identifier called a Unique Item Identifier (UII), and (2) Capturing specific lifecycle item data for the UII in a centralized database, called the IUID Registry. The result is easier access to authoritative information about UII-marked items throughout their life in the DoD inventory and Government Furnished Property (GFP) in the hands of contractors.


Procure to Pay (P2P)

Procure 2 Pay (P2P) covers the process in the Department's Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) spanning from when a decision to make a procurement is made until closeout of the procurement instrument. The P2P Process Advocate's Working Group is a set of senior managers representing all the DoD components chartered to resolve issues with procurement and finance relative to the implementation of the BEA process.


Government Furnished Property (GFP)

Property in the possession of, or directly acquired by, the Government and subsequently furnished to the contractor for performance of a contract.


The Procurement Business Operations Requirements Group is a Senior Executive led steering committee consisting of key representatives of the Military Departments and select Other Defense Agencies. It governs the data standards, information exchanges, and enterprise information technology (IT) services relating to and supporting DoD procurement functional requirements. The PBORG charter can be viewed here.

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