About Unique Identification

What is IUID?

IUID of items is accomplished by marking each qualifying item with a permanent 2-dimensional data matrix. The data matrix is encoded with the data elements necessary to construct a Unique Item Identifier (UII) which is globally unique and unambiguous. The data elements required to form a UII include the manufacturer's identification (i.e. cage code) and the item's serial number. If the manufacturer serializes within part number, that data element will also be encoded.

Because the data matrix is machine-readable, IUID marking greatly reduces human error and improves the accuracy of inventory and acquisition records.

UIIs are stored in comprehensive IUID Registry, which allows easy access to information such as acquisition cost and life-cycle data. The IUID Registry is maintained by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS).

Every IUID delivery includes the required data elements describing the end item and the "pedigree" of embedded items. This data is captured during the acceptance process via the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) application, or after acceptance via direct data submission. Items marked with IUIDs accelerate the receipt and acceptance process, allowing DoD to submit payment to its vendors in a timely fashion, thereby saving on late charges.

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Benefits of IUID

UID is a Department of Defense program that will enable easy access to information about DoD possessions that will make acquisition, repair, and deployment of items faster and more efficient.

  • Item visibility regardless of platform or "owner"
  • Lower item management costs
  • Item data necessary for top-level logistics and engineering analysis
  • Accurate sources for property and equipment valuation and accountability
  • Improved access to historical data for use during systems design and throughout the life of an item
  • Better item intelligence for warfighters for operational planning
  • Reduced workforce burden through increased productivity and efficiency
  • Improved inventory accuracy

Working Groups

The UID Policy Office has established a number of working groups to support the development and implementation of the UID policy.


Management of the IUID Registry Help Desk is being transferred to the eBusiness Policy Support Center (eBPSC) sponsored by the Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy office effective 9 July 2008. The eBPSC provides a central point of entry for policy focused support for various DoD eBusiness systems. Please note the new phone number and Email address. Thank you.

Please send any inquiries to defensepolicysupport@ebpsc.org or call the IUID Help Desk at 1-877-376-5787

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