The DoD Directives System was established to provide a single, uniform system of DoD issuances and directive-type memorandums used to convey DoD policies, responsibilities, and procedures. The DoD Directives System provides for the orderly processing, approval, publication, distribution, internal review, and records management of DoD Directives, DoD Instructions, and DoD Publications. The DoD Directives System also includes the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Federal Register System.

DoD Directive:

Type Number Date Changes Subject OPR
DoDD 832003p1 3/23/2007 Unique Identification (UID) Standards for a Net-Centric Department of Defense USD(AT&L) 703-697-7261
DoDD 5000.1 5/12/2003 The Defense Acquisition System USD(AT&L) 703-697-7261

DoD Instructions:

Type Number Date Changes Subject OPR
DoDI 5000.02 12/08/2008 Operation of the Defense Acquisition System USD(AT&L) 703-697-7261
DoDI 8320.04 6/24/2008 DoD Instruction 8320.04, Item Unique Identification (IUID) Standards for
Tangible Personal Property
USD(AT&L) 703-697-7261
DoDI 4151.19 12/26/2006 Serialized Item Management (SIM) for Materiel Maintenance USD(AT&L) 703-697-7261
DoDI 5000.64 11/2/2006 Accountability and Management of DoD-Owned Equipment and Other Accountable Property USD(AT&L) 703-697-7261
DoDI 7000.14 11/15/1992 DoD Financial Management Policy and Procedures USD(C) 703-697-8364

DoD Publications:

Type Number Date Changes Subject OPR
DoD 4140.1-R 5/2003 DoD Supply Chain Material Management Regulation USD(AT&L) 703-697-7261
DoD 4000.25-M 3/2003 Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS) USD(AT&L) 703-697-7261
DoD 4000.25-2-M 9/2001 DoD 4000.25-2-M 9/2001 Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedures (MILSTRAP) USD(AT&L) 703-697-7261
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