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The UID Policy Office and DAU are working together to establish opportunities to provide information in support of the execution of the Item Unique Identification (IUID) requirements.

Tools for Understanding IUID

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IUID Awards

IUID Awards, Orlando , Florida (March 2011)
IUID Awards, Orlando, Florida (September 2010)
IUID Awards, San Antonio, Texas (February 2010)
IUID Awards, Orlando, Florida (September 2009)
IUID Awards, Denver, Colorado (April 2009)
IUID Awards, Sacramento, California (June 2008)
IUID Awards, Huntsville, Alabama (April 2008)
IUID Awards, Arlington, Virginia (February 2008)

To officially nominate individuals/project teams for consideration please submit from the following IUID Nomination Forms:

  • IUID Individual Contribution Award: The IUID Individual Contribution Award officially recognizes individuals who have consistently made critical personal contributions to help drive IUID implementation.

  • IUID Team Excellence Award: This award will be presented to project/program/organizational teams that have gone beyond IUID compliance, successfully driving IUID implementation and execution.

  • IUID Media Spotlight Award: This award officially recognizes those individuals or teams who develop, submit and publish IUID success stories within the logistics, maintenance, acquisition, standards or supply communities.

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Success Stories

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IUID Integration Projects

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