Education and Training

Portfolio Product service codes

Education and Training consists of 15 product service codes (PSCs) for education and training services. The PSCs are:

  • U001   Education/Training: Lectures
  • U002   Education/Training: Personnel Testing
  • U003   Education/Training: Reserve Training (Military)
  • U004   Education/Training: Scientific/Management
  • U005   Education/Training: Tuition/Registration/Membership Fees
  • U006   Education/Training: Vocational/Technical
  • U007   Education/Training: Faculty Salaries for Dependent Schools
  • U008   Education/Training: Training/Curriculum Development
  • U009   Education/Training: General
  • U010   Education/Training: Certifications/Accreditations for Educational Institutions
  • U011   Education/Training: AIDS/HIV
  • U012   Education/Training: Information Technology/Telecommunications Training
  • U013   Education/Training: Combat
  • U014   Education/Training: Security
  • U099   Education/Training: Other