Travel Form and Instructions
(For DSB Members ONLY)

To obtain approved orders prior to travel, an Invitational Travel Order (ITO) request must be submitted 15 duty days in advance of the travel date. Requests shall be submitted via the automated web form below.

Carlson is the Government Travel Agency, through DTS, used to book all Government travel and lodging to ensure the best Government rate available to meet your travel needs. Members are encouraged to use the Carlson services. However, if a member chooses to book their own travel, reimbursements for expenses (airfare, lodging, etc.) will be limited to the Government Rate (coach/economy class, per diem/lodging rate) OR the actual cost; the lowest cost of the two will get reimbursed. Additionally, travel agency changes or cancellations fees will not be reimbursed.

Rental cars are not authorized unless preapproved by the DSB Office.

The government only reimburses for travel between Home of Record (HoR), TDY location, and return. If a member needs to travel from or return to another location other than HoR, the government will reimburse for the lesser of the two based upon the cost comparison in DTS and Citi Pair (estimated airfare between locations).

Upon completion of travel, members shall submit all receipts in PDF format within 5 business days to: and


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If you are going to use Carlson through DTS for your flight reservations please know the DSB will need to pick your flights through DTS. Once your orders are completed with chosen flights DSB will send you your travel orders. When your flights are reserved DSB will send you your itinerary. If the flights chosen do not work for you, you can contact Carlson at 1-800-756-6111 to change your flights. You will need to give them the record locator in the itinerary. Once you change your flights you will need to send the DSB the new flight information. The DSB will still need you to send the invoice when your flights are finally ticketed through Carlson.

If you decide to use your own travel agent, please note in your authorized orders an estimate of the government rate. You are not authorized to go over that rate. If there is an issue with the rate amount please, contact the TC – Elizabeth Baxter at to inform him of the situation and he will assist in resolving the issue. If a member chooses to purchase a ticket over the government estimate the cost difference may be the responsibility of the traveler.