Program Engagement - Naval Warfare
The Naval Warfare team of test experts is integrated into the program office Integrated Product Teams to support development of the Test and Evaluation Master Plan and strive to provide independent insight related to system performance, reliability, interoperability, and cybersecurity. Our staff specialists provide expert advice to support development of cost-effective test strategies and plans to ensure success. Areas of expertise we provide to Program Managers and test leads include how to structure statistical based testing, how to ensure the developmental test program informs senior-level decision making, and how to test in cyber-contested environments (as opposed to cyber compliance testing).

The Naval Warfare division oversees and supports developmental testing of naval surface and submarine platforms, small submersibles, unmanned undersea and surface vehicles, surface- and submarine-launched weapons, and shipboard combat systems, as well as initiatives to develop resources for rigorous testing of autonomous systems.

Portfolio Scope

The Naval Warfare programs supported by this division are grouped into mission areas for an across system-of-systems approach to assessing the development of all programs toward a Mission Capability view:
  • Aircraft Carriers, Large-Deck Amphibious Carriers, and the Ship-to-Shore Connector
  • Cruisers, Destroyers, Aegis Combat System, and associated targeting/communication links
  • Frigates, Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), LCS Mission Modules and associated programs, Ship Self-Defense Enterprise
  • Submarines, Submersibles, and Tomahawk
  • T-Ships (Military Sealift Command civilian-crewed ships)
  • Naval Air Warfare Enterprise
The Naval Warfare division also coordinates with the Test Resource Management Center to develop new test capabilities and future warfare improvements afforded by autonomous systems.
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