Interoperability: Joint Mission Environment Test Capability

The Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC) mission is to provide a persistent capability for linking distributed facilities, enabling DoD customers to develop and test warfighting capabilities in a Joint Context.

The Value of JMETC

JMETC provides a DoD-wide capability for the test and evaluation (T&E) of warfighter capabilities in a Joint Context for Interoperability, Key Performance Parameter (KPP) compliance testing, and Joint Mission Capability Portfolio testing. The use of Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) provides commonality and compatibility between JMETC and the Joint National Training Capability (JNTC), enabling a joint test and training capability. JMETC will reduce the cost and time to plan and prepare for distributed joint testing by providing a readily-available, persistent connectivity with network security accreditation support, common integration software for linking sites, and accredited test tools for distributed testing. To support its customers, JMETC also provides extensive expertise in planning, preparing for, and executing the infrastructure for distributed test events.

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JMETC Program Description

JMETC is a DoD corporate approach for linking distributed facilities, enabling customers to more rapidly develop and test warfighting capabilities in a joint context (see OV-1 for more info). The program provides a test infrastructure consisting of the components necessary to conduct Joint distributed test events by cost-effectively integrating live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) test resources that are configured to support the users' needs. The JMETC program provides its customers a support team to assist with JMETC products and the conduct of distributed testing. JMETC consists of six primary products:

  1. Persistent connectivity - Readily available Virtual Private Network (VPN) configured for exchanging test data over an existing DoD network
  2. Middleware - Universal data distribution software used to control distribution of data between nodes
  3. Standard interface definitions - A collection of interface definitions and software algorithms (e.g., Radar, TSPI, coordinate conversions, unit conversions, etc.) that provide a common language used in data exchanges between systems
  4. Distributed test support tools - A collection of common software applications that assist test engineers to plan, prepare, set-up, check-out, monitor, and analyze the distributed test event exchanges between systems
  5. Data management solutions - A suite of data archiving solutions to store test data collected at multiple locations enabling efficient data collection and analysis for events
  6. Reuse repository - An on-line web portal with relevant distributed event information (latest middleware, software components, documentation, lessons learned, meta-data) and web-enabled collaboration services


JMETC Customer Support

JMETC provides a Customer Support Team for JMETC products as well as expertise in distributed LVC testing. The JMETC Program Office will assign dedicated personnel to each customer to assist with planning, preparation, and execution of infrastructure requirements for the distributed LVC test event.

Planning Team

The JMETC Planning Team is available to support and advise a customer beginning in the early phases of developmental and operational test planning. JMETC can be a contributing team member of the customer’s T&E Working Groups and planning sessions. Early involvement of the planning team will improve the customer’s ability to develop an optimal distributed test strategy and potentially reduce costs. JMETC will provide technical expertise on LVC distributed testing using JMETC infrastructure to support:

  • Test Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) development
  • Test Evaluation Strategy (TES) development
  • Test Evaluation Working Group meetings
  • Distributed test event planning
User Support Team

JMETC supports the customer during event planning by providing:

  • Tools for planning
  • Technical support for network requirements and operations
  • Integration of software
  • Help Desk functions
  • Network performance analysis

JMETC will also provide field support by JMETC-managed engineers who are distributed across the community. They will provide assistance to specific programs in determining requirements, assisting on-site event preparation, and event execution.

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