Test & Evaluation Range Oversight

The T&E Range Oversight Division is the principal advisor to the Director, TRMC, for issues concerning the oversight of the DoD’s facilities, ranges, and all other physical assets that are used to support DoD Test and Evaluation (T&E). Specific areas of responsibility include:

Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB)

The MRTFBs are the designated core set of DoD Test and Evaluation (T&E) infrastructure and associated workforce that must be preserved as a national asset to provide T&E capabilities to support the DoD acquisition system. The T&E Range Oversight Division advises the Director on MRTFB policy, workforce, infrastructure changes, budgets, and expenditures with the goal of ensuring that the MRTFBs maintain a broad base of T&E capabilities sufficient to support the full spectrum of DoD T&E requirements.

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"Strategic Plan for DoD T&E Resources"

The T&E Range Oversight Division coordinates the congressionally charter mission for the drafting, coordination, and publishing of a bi-annual plan for DoD T&E infrastructure in order to provide adequate testing for development, acquisition, fielding, and support of warfighting capabilities.

T&E Budget Certification

The T&E Range Oversight Division supports the Director of the Test Resource Management Center (TRMC) in the conduct of an annual review and determination of adequacy of the proposed T&E budgets of each military department and Defense agency with T&E responsibilities, in accordance with 10 USC 196(e)(2). In support of this mission task, the T&E Range Oversight Division generates an annual T&E budget certification report focused on the DoD's T&E Infrastructure.

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