The office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Construction (ODASD (Con)) is responsible for the stewardship of DoD installations on behalf of the Secretary of Defense. In this role, ODASD (Con) is the central policy advocate on facilities for the Defense Agencies, DoD Field Activities, and U.S. Special Operations Command, as these DoD Components do not report through a Military Department. The ODASD for Construction's installation portfolio includes over 555,000 facilities worldwide (including buildings and linear and vertical structures); located at over 5,000 sites; and covering more than 28 million acres.

Construction's principal programs include:
  • Military Construction
  • Facility Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization
  • Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB)
  • Unified Facilities Criteria
  • Sustainment Management Systems (SMS)
Construction’s policy and oversight responsibilities incorporate each stage in the facility life cycle:

Facility Life Cycle Graphic


The ODASD for Construction supports DoD’s global security mission by ensuring that facility assets and services are made available wherever and whenever needed; using all necessary capabilities and capacities; through methods that are cost effective, safe, and environmentally responsible.


ODASD (Con) will have an increasingly vital role in enhancing the safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of U.S. military installations worldwide by:
  • Having consistent policies and procedures in place to proactively manage all aspects of the facility lifecycle process
  • Having data and tools available to monitor and validate DoD’s facility program and to refine policy
  • Having a complete suite of tools to support Component planning, budgeting, and execution across the facility life cycle
  • Providing proactive status reports and recommendations to leadership, and timely responses to emergent issues.
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