AFPMB Board Meetings

--Meetings designed to maximize dialogue within the DoD Pest Management community

Board Meeting Information

Our Board Meetings are designed to maximize dialogue among all members of the DoD Pest Management community, as well as our partners and stakeholders, with a goal of increased cooperation and coordination to resolve critical issues impacting current and future support for the warfighter. If it has been a while since attending your last meeting, or you have never had an opportunity to attend, we encourage you to not only join us, but actively participate. Your experience, expertise and perspective are highly valued.

Upcoming Board Meetings

  • 219th Board Meeting - September 9th - 13th, 2024 via DoD 365 Microsoft Teams & In-person

Four Standing Committees

Key Leadership Roster

  • Key Leadership Roster for Council and Committees - DownloadCommon Access Card Badge - Login Required
  • AFPMB Policies and Procedures

    The AFPMB Policies and Procedures are a set of guidelines that describe the governing procedures, based on DoD and Service regulations, for the Council, Executive Committee and committees to conduct DoD pest management business in conjunction with the full time directorate staff. The policies and procedures are written in a standard format that outlines the purpose, organization and functions, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each key leadership representative on the directorate staff, Council, Executive Committee and committee. Clarification of those serving as voting members on Council, Executive Committee and committees are also specified in the policies and procedures.

  • Download a copy of our CAC protected policies and procedures document.Common Access Card Badge - Login Required