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DoD Entomology

DoD Research Laboratories and Centers

Army Entomology Program Website

Army Entomology Overview

Your knowledge of insects and their behavior can impact the health, morale and overall environment of our Soldiers. When you serve your country as an entomologist and officer on the U.S. Army health care team, you’ll conduct research, perform pest management and provide important information to our leaders regarding biological hazards around the globe.

Army Entomology Job Duties

Navy Entomology Program Website

Navy Entomologists fill a variety of research, support and training positions worldwide. They plan, direct and participate in operational, consultative, training, quarantine and research programs for infestation prevention and arthropod pest control.

Air Force
Air Force Entomology Program

Air Force Entomology Overview

Human health can often be heavily impacted by insects and related animals. Concerned with preventing the spread of disease, Medical Entomologists study and treat illnesses caused by insects and arthropods and their vectors. Providing crucial protection to our Airmen and public health around the world, these specialists work to reduce the adverse impact these insects may have on human beings.

Air Force Entomology Job Duties