Disease Vector Ecology Profiles (DVEPS)

--Concise summaries that focus on vector-borne military diseases

Disease Vector Ecology Profiles (DVEPs) are concise summaries that focus on vector-borne military diseases that occur in specific countries, emphasizing essential epidemiology, vector bionomics and behavior, and pesticide resistance. DVEPs are synopses of relevant entomological and arthropod-borne disease information. A selected bibliography of pertinent diseases and disease vector literature is included for a more detailed analysis.

DVEPs are compiled from open source, unclassified scientific literature to provide a historical profile of disease epidemiology for selected geographical areas. The epidemiology of arthropod-borne disease is dynamic, and incidence and prevalence are constantly changing. This is especially true as the world becomes more connected and undergoes rapid development and ecological change.

Country Flag Image Country Document Link (sorted alphabetically)
Cabo Verde Country Flag Image Cabo Verde, December 2021
Caribbean Area Image Caribbean, July 2002
Central Europe Area Image Central Europe, April 2001
Chad Country Flag Image Chad, August 2021
China Country Flag Image China, December 2020
Djibouti Country Flag Image Djibouti, April 2021
East Asia Area Image East Asia, April 2002
Iraq Country Flag Image Iraq, April 2022
North Korea Country Flag ImageSouth Korea Country Flag Image The Koreas, December 2020
Middle East Area Image Middle East, October 1999
North Africa Area Image North Africa, May 2000
Panama Country Flag Image Panama, April 2021
South Central Asia Area Image South Central Asia, January 2002
Taiwan Country Flag Image Taiwan, December 2022
Thailand Country Flag Image Thailand, May 2021
Ukraine Country Flag Image Ukraine, May 2022