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Disease Vector Ecology Profiles (DVEPs) are concise summaries that focus on vector-borne military diseases that occur in specific countries, emphasizing essential epidemiology, vector bionomics and behavior, and pesticide resistance.

TGs (formerly Technical Information Memoranda or TIMs) are not policy documents; rather, they provide technical guidance for the use of the DoD pest management community and others. Accordingly, TGs should not be construed or referenced as policy. DoD pest management policies may be found in DoD Instruction 4150.7, "DoD Pest Management Program."

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  • AFPMB Webinar Series Playlist : Topics Covered are Vector Management, Invasives, Natural Resources and Rodent Control
  • Adult Mosquito Vector Identification
  • Choosing And Using A Mosquito Surveillance Trap
  • Navy Operational Entomology Training
  • Venomous Snake Safety and Removal Techniques
  • Emerging Bulletins

    Emerging Bulletins - The intent of these bulletins is to provide current information about emerging vectors and facilitate proactive management and communication among pest management, natural resource and other installation stakeholders, encouraging networking across installations.
    Asian Longhorned Tick Image Asian Longhorned Tick (Haemaphysalis longicornis) and Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula)
    Image of person spraying repellent Information Bulletin - Fight the Bite - Personal Protection
    Asian Gypsy Moth Image Information Bulletin and Resource Guide for Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM)
    Hurricane Image Information Bulletin for Post-Hurricane Disease Vector and Pest Awareness
    Spotted Lanternfly Image Information Bulletin on Spotted Lanternfly
    Tree of Heaven Image Tree-of-Heaven Identification Guide for Spotted Lanternfly Mitigation