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Federal Government

Executive Order 11850: renunciation of Certain Uses in War of Chemical Herbicides and Riot Control Agents, April 8, 1975

Department of Defense

DoD Instruction 3000.12, “Management of U.S. Global Defense Posture (GDP),” May 6, 2016, as amended
DoD Instruction 4150.07: DoD Pest Management Program
DoD Instruction 4715.05, “Environmental Compliance at Installations Outside the United States,” November 1, 2013, as amended
DoD Instruction 4715.22, “Environmental Management Policy for Contingency Locations,” February 18, 2016, as amended
DoD Instruction 6490.03, “Deployment Health,” August 11, 2006
DoD Directive 3000.10: Contingency Basing Outside the United States
DoD Directive 4715.1E: Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health
DoDM 4140.65-M: Issue, Use and Disposal of Wood Packaging Material
Defense Transportation Regulation 4500.9-R-Part V, “Customs,” August 2017, as amended
DoD Foreign Clearance Guide
Joint Publication 3-28: Defense Support of Civil Authorities
Joint Publication 3-29: Foreign Humanitarian Assistance
Joint Publication 4-02: Joint Health Services
Joint Publication 4-10: Operational Contract Support
Joint Publication 4-04: Contingency Basing


ATP 4-25.12, Unit Field Sanitation Teams, April 2014
ATP 4-02.82, Occupational and Environmental Health Site Assessment, April 2012
ATP 4–02.8, Force Health Protection, March 2016
DA PAM 40-11. Army Public Health Program, May 2020
AR 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement, 13 Dec 2007
AR 40-5, Army Public Health Program, May 2020
AR 40-905: Veterinary Health Services
ATP 4-90, Brigade Support Battalion
ATP 4-25.12, Unit Field Sanitation Teams
Training Circular 4-02.3, Field Hygiene and Sanitation
FM 4-02, Army Health System
OPNAVINST 6250.4C: Navy Pest Management Programs
NAVMED P-5010: Manual of Preventive Medicine – Preventive Medicine for Ground Forces
NAVMED P-5052: Shipboard Pest Management Manual
SECNAINST 6401.1B: Veterinary Health Services
OPNAV Instruction 3501.347A, Projected Operational Environment and Required Operational Capability for the Navy Forward Deployable Preventive Medicine Unit.

Air Force

Air Force Instruction: Aerial Application of Pesticides
Air Force Manual 24-204: Preparing Hazardous Materials For Military Air Shipments
Air Force Instruction: Veterinary Health Services
Air Force Manual 32-1053, Integrated Pest Management
Air Force Instruction 10-209, Red Horse Program
Air Force Instruction 10-210, Prime Base Engineer Emergency force (BEEF) Program
Air Force Instruction 48-105, Surveillance, Prevention, and Control of Diseases and Conditions of Public Health or Military Significance

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

AMedP-4.2: Deployment Pest and Vector Surveillance and Control