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Issuances/Guidance (Natural Resources)

Federal Government

DoD Instruction 4715.03: Natural Resources Conservation Program
DoD Manual 4715.03: INRMP Implementation
DoD Instruction 4715.05: Environmental Compliance at Installations Outside the United States
DoD Directive 3200.15: Sustaining Access to the Live Training and Test Domain, December 2013)
DoD Instruction 4715.22: Environmental Management Policy for Contingency Locations, February 2016 )

Department of Defense

AFPMB Recommendations on Protection Against Mosquito and Tick Bites for Non-military Personnel using DoD Lands
DoD Natural Resources Program Overview and Updates, Ryan Orndorff, Program Director
Executive Order 12915: Federal Implementation of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, May 1994
Executive Order 13186: Responsibilities of Federal Agencies to Protect Migratory Birds, January 2001
Executive Order 13751: Safeguarding the Nation from the Impacts of Invasive Species
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)


Army Regulation 200-1: Environmental Protection and Enhancement
OPNAVINST 5090.1D: Environmental Readiness Program Memo
OPNAVMANUAL M-5090.1: Environmental Readiness Program Manual

Air Force

Air Force Instruction 32-7064: Integrated Natural Resources Management
Air Force Manual 32-7003: Environmental Conservation