Pesticides and Equipment


The links below will provide information on the pesticides that have been approved by the AFPMB for DLA/DSCR stockage and that have been approved by the AFPMB for control of diseases vectors and pests during contingency operations worldwide. For further information and questions on pesticides and pesticide usage within the DoD, check out the DoD Pesticide Hotline. ?

  1. Standard Pesticides Available to DoD Components and All Federal Agencies - (CAC access only)

  2. DoD Contingency Pesticides - (CAC access only)


The links below will provide a descriptive reference of the DoD standard available pest management equipment and material.

  1. DoD Pest Management Materiel Other Than Pesticides - (CAC access only)
Reporting - DD Form 1532-1

Download the latest DD Form 1532/DD Form 1532-1, Monthly/Daily Pest Management Report
Note: For deployment and contingency operations only (Updated: Aug 16th, 2017)

This spreadsheet meets the DoDI 4150.07 (DoD Pest Management Program) and DoDI 6490.03 (Deployment Health) requirements to record and permanently archive records of pest management operations and pesticide use during military deployments.

Complete and submit this spreadsheet on a monthly basis. Complete a separate spreadsheet for each location (base camp, FOB, etc.). Follow this format when naming/saving each spreadsheet: 1532-Country-Base Camp-Month-Year (example: 1532-Afg-Bagram-Nov-2010). Guidance on how to complete each column of the spreadsheet can be found by looking in the "Entering Information" tab. Remember to fill out each column and save your work frequently. If you need help filling out this spreadsheet, contact the DoD Pesticide Hotline at .

For technical assistance or general questions contact the AFPMB Webmaster at
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