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Pest Management Support Technical Guidance


AFPMB Technical Guide No. 18: Installation Integrated Pest Management Program Guide
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 7: Installation Pesticide Security
AFPMB Technical Guide No.29: Integrated Pest Management In and Around Buildings
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 42: Self-help Integrated Pest Management
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 45: Storage and Display of Retail Pesticides

Pest Management Shop Operations

AFPMB Technical Guide No. 14: Personal Protective Equipment for Pest Management Personnel
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 15: Pesticide Spill Prevention and Management
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 16: Pesticide Fires – Prevention, Management, and Cleanup
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 17: Military Handbook – Design of Pest Management Facilities
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 21: Pesticide Disposal Guide for Pest Control Shops

Special Pest Management Operations

AFPMB Technical Guide No. 2: Integrated Pest Management in Child Development Center and Schools
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 5: Integrated Pest Management for Food Service Managers
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 20: Pest Management Operations in Medical Treatment Facilities
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 27: Stored-Product Pest Monitoring Methods
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 37: Integrated Management of Stray Animals on Military Installations

Vector Surveillance

AFPMB Technical Guide No. 26: Tick-borne Diseases: Vector Surveillance and Control
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 49: Sand Flies – Surveillance and Control in Contingency Operations


AFPMB Technical Guide No. 22: Guidelines for Testing Experimental Pesticides on DoD Property

Pesticide Application

AFPMB Technical Guide No. 11: Hydrogen Phosphide Fumigation with Aluminum Phosphide
AFPMB Technical Guide No. 13: Dispersal of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Insecticides by Cold Aerosol and Thermal Fog Ground Application Equipment

Business of Pest Management

AFPMB Technical Guide No. 39: Preparing DoD Pest Control Contracts and Assessing Contract Performance


CAC required for access to standard list/pest management materiel lists below. For non-CAC holders, please submit your position title and access requirement to the Contingency Liaison Officer via e-mail or call commercial 301-295-8309, DSN 295-8309 for review and approval.
Standard List of Pesticides available to DoD Components and Agencies
DoD Pest Management Materiel Other Than Pesticides
Pesticide reporting – DD Form 1532 and DD Form 1532-1
Field Expedient Pest Management Techniques

Pest Management Operations - Reporting

DHA CarePoint Information Portal
Pesticide reporting – DD Form 1532 and DD Form 1532-1