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TG Overview

As a unit of the AFPMB, ISD (Information Services Division) collects, stores and disseminates published and unpublished information on arthropod vectors and pests, natural resources, and environmental biology important to the DoD.

Most TGs are guidance on specific pest management and disease vector control topics designed to help rather than enforce, and are not DoD policy. However, those cited in DoD policy issuances do carry the weight of DoD policy. DoD pest management policies may be found in DoD Instruction 4715.1, "Environmental Security," DoD Instruction 4150.7, "DoD Pest Management Program," other DoD directives and instructions, and implementing component directives/instructions/regulations.


  1. TG 2 - Integrated Pest Management in Child Development Centers and Schools
  2. TG 3 - Feral Animal Risk Mitigation in Operational Areas (CAC access only)
  3. TG 4 - Disinsection of Military Aircraft (CAC access only)
  4. TG 6 - Delousing Procedures for the Control of Louse-borne Disease During Contingency Operations
  5. TG 7 - Installation Pesticide Security (CAC access only)
  6. TG 11 - Hydrogen Phosphide Fumigation with Aluminum Phosphide
  7. TG 13 - Dispersal of ULV Insecticides by Cold Aerosol and Thermal Fog Ground Application Equipment
  8. TG 14 - Personal Protective Equipment for Pest Management Personnel
  9. TG 15 - Pesticide Spill Prevention and Management
  10. TG 17 - Military Handbook - Design of Pest Management Facilities (CAC access only)
  11. TG 18 - Installation Pest Management Program Guide
  12. TG 20 - Pest Management Operations in Medical Treatment Facilities
  13. TG 21 - Pesticide Disposal Guide for Pest Control Shops
  14. TG 22 - Guidelines for Testing Experimental Pesticides on DoD Property
  15. TG 24 - Contingency Pest Management Guide (CAC access only)
  16. TG 26 - Tick-Borne Diseases: Vector Surveillance and Control
  17. TG 27 - Stored-Product Pest Monitoring Methods
  18. TG 29 - Integrated Pest Management in and around Buildings
  19. TG 30 - Filth Flies: Significance, Surveillance and Control in Contingency Operations
  20. TG 31 - Guide for Agricultural Preparation of Military Gear and Equipment for Redeployment
  21. TG 34 - Bee Resource Manual with emphasis on The Africanized Honey Bee
  22. TG 36 - Personal Protective Measures Against Insects and Other Arthropods of Military Significance
  23. TG 37 - Integrated Management of Stray Animals on Military Installations (CAC access only)
  24. TG 38 - Protecting Meal, Ready-to-Eat Rations (MREs) and Other Subsistence During Storage
  25. TG 39 - Guidelines for Preparing DoD Pest Control Contracts Using Integrated Pest Management
  26. TG 40 - Methods for Trapping and Sampling Small Mammals for Virologic Testing (CAC access only)
  27. TG 41 - Protection from Rodent-borne Diseases with special emphasis on occupational exposure to hantavirus
  28. TG 42 - Self-Help Integrated Pest Management
  29. TG 44 - Bed Bugs - Importance, Biology, and Control Strategies  (Supplemental Information)
  30. TG 45 - Storage and Display of Retail Pesticides (CAC access only)
  31. TG 46 - DoD Entomological Operational Risk Assessments (CAC access only)
  32. TG 47 - Aedes Mosquito Vector Control
  33. TG 48 - Contingency Pest and Vector Surveillance (CAC access only)
  34. TG 49 - Sand Flies - Surveillance and Control in Contingency Operations

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