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Pest Management Training Courses

Pest Management Certification

  Pest Management Certification
Course #: B-322-1070
Target Audience: Individuals who need DoD Pesticide Applicator certification. Open to Military and Civilians of the Armed Forces. Specifically designed for, but not limited to, personnel assigned to pest control duties.
Course Description: A training prerequisite for individual categories, the course curriculum is based upon the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements. Core training in 1) the general format and terminology of the pesticide label and labeling; 2) pesticide safety; 3) potential environmental consequences of the use and misuse of pesticides; 4) pest biology, habits and recognition, and the recognition of pest damage; 5) pesticide, formulations and their characteristics; 6) equipment types, maintenance and calibration; 7) application techniques; and 8) laws and regulations.
Prerequisites: None

Core Certification

  Core Certification
Course #: J3AZR3E453 02AA
Target Audience: Individuals who need DoD Pesticide Applicator certification in all categories.
Course Description: Four-week training course that meets the basic requirement for initial certification training under DoDM 4150.07, Vol. 2. Course completion with the minimum passing scores satisfies the formal training and testing requirements for initial certification in the core phase, categories 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8. This course DOES NOT satisfy the OJT and correspondence course requirements for certification. All DoD personnel who have held DoD certification in one or more pest control categories but cannot meet the requirements for triennial re-certification, according to DoDM 4150.07, Vol. 2, are eligible to attend. Personnel who possess current certification are NOT eligible to attend this course. The school provides the results of training to the appropriate MAJCOM or other service’s certifying official. College credit for AF personnel is nine (9) semester hours.
Prerequisites: Consult with your Command Entomologist. Some personnel may be required to complete correspondence training prior to attendance.

Certification Vegetation Management

  Phase II Certification Vegetation Management (Categories 2, 3, 5, 6)
Course #: B-322-1071
Target Audience: Individuals who need DoD Pesticide Applicator certification. Open to Military and Civilians of the Armed Forces. Specifically designed for, but not limited to, personnel assigned to pest control duties.
Course Description: Provides certification training in control of weeds and pests of plants. Course curriculum is based upon the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements. Individuals completing this course are eligible to take examinations in any or all of the following categories: 2-Forest; 3-Ornamental and Turf; 5-Aquatic; 6-Right-of-Way. Category 2 includes training for forests: forest nurseries, forest seed production, and special concerns in the forest environment; Category 3 trains for pesticide problems associated with the production and maintenance of ornamental trees, shrubs, plantings and turf; Category 5 trains for special problems associated with the use of pesticides in fresh water; Category 6 trains for herbicide use across a wide variety of environments, especially right-of-way. Note: Golf course applicators may complete this phase and not continue on to Phase III.
Prerequisites: Completion of Core Phase. Consult with your Command Entomologist. Some personnel may be required to complete correspondence training prior to attendance.

Aerial Application of Pesticides

  Aerial Application of Pesticides
Course #: AAP-001
Target Audience: Individuals who may potentially conduct or oversee aerial spray projects.
Course Description: This course is one-week and addresses the tenets and methodologies for aerial application of pesticides, with an emphasis on operational aspects and military applications. The primary scope of the course includes general principles, legal aspects, contracts, map types and preparation, spray system calibrations, aerial spray math, DoD spray systems, meteorological effects, occupational health and safety, operations and mission support, disease control, pilot’s view, private applicator’s view, environmental aspects, computer modeling, swath and droplet characterization, pesticide monitoring, public relations, contingency wartime usage, spill prevention and containment, and other pertinent operational issues involving the use of aerial spray. The course features guest lecturers from the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Agriculture, private applicator firms, and other government agencies. It is offered once each year.
Prerequisites: Personnel MUST have completed core certification training and appropriate category(s) training prior to taking this course.

DoD Pest Management Recertification

  DoD Pest Management Recertification
Course #: B-322-1074
Target Audience: Civilian and military personnel holding current DoD pesticide applicator certificates. For Navy and PHCR-E courses, PMQAE/PMPAR/IPMCs may also attend to obtain refresher training.
Course Description: This is a one week refresher course for civilian pest management and military preventive medicine personnel holding current DoD pesticide applicator certificates. Successful completion of the course results in an additional three-year certification. The focus of the course is to provide up-to-date information on all subject matter covered in the initial certification.

Note: The Navy and PHCR-E course offers both recertification training for certified personnel and refresher training for PMQAE/PMPAR/IPMCs. Additionally, Pesticide Applicators who only need recertification in categories 3, 5, and 6 may attend just the first three days of the class (Navy and PHCR-E course ONLY).
Prerequisites: Personnel must have previously attended initial training and be currently certified. Once the initial certification or any subsequent recertification expires, successful completion of initial certification training is the only way to regain certification to apply pesticides.

Quality Assurance Evaluator/Installation Pest Management Coordinator Course

  DoD Pest Management Quality Assurance Evaluator/Installation Pest Management Coordinator Course (Initial Training)
Course #: 6H-F33/322-F31
Army Registration Link: Course Enrollment
Target Audience: Installation Pest Management Quality Assurance Evaluators and Installation Pest Management Coordinators. Additionally, environmental and natural resources personnel, contract administrators, writers, or other personnel who are involved with or provide oversight of pesticide operations should consider taking this course for audit. Installation operations that may use pesticides include turf management, fence line weed control, ornamental plantings management, general pest control, wood preservation, aquatic weed management, and forest pest suppression.
Course Description: This is a five-day course tailored to 1) Quality Assurance Evaluators (QAE’s) who monitor and evaluate pest management contract management services on DOD installations but do not apply or directly supervise pesticide application themselves; 2) Installation Pest Management Coordinators (IPMC’s) who are responsible for coordinating all aspects of the installations integrated pest management (IPM) program on behalf of the garrison commander. Successful completion of the course results in a three-year accreditation (not certification). The focus of the course is to provide general information on all aspects of pest management, contract administration, and oversight of DoD IPM programs.

Note: For Navy course ONLY, IPMC topics are covered on the final day of training. PMQAEs can attend the first four days of the Navy course and omit the final day

Operational Entomology Training (Navy)

  Operational Entomology Training (Navy)
Course #: B-322-1077 - Navy Operational Entomology Course
Target Audience: Preventive Medicine Technicians
Course Description: Advanced vector-borne disease management in contingency situations. Geographic distribution of vector-borne disease threats; the philosophy of operational public health pest management; mastery of surveillance and control equipment and material; interpreting surveillance data; introduction to the diversity of biology and habits of vector species worldwide; mastery of vector control mathematics; planning and execution of arthropod and vertebrate pest management programs; accessing relevant information; team-based scenario solutions and field exercises.
Prerequisites: Course B-322-0012, PMT, and/or Course B-322-1050; or EPA Pesticide Applicator certification in Category 8, Public Health Pest Control; or responsibility within DoD, through training or position, for the oversight of deployed preventive medicine personnel. Civilian personnel submit request via cognizant Division Entomologist, Naval Facilities Engineering Command.

Operational Entomology Training (Air Force)

  Operational Entomology Training (Air Force)
Course #: B3XZYOECXX 0A1A - Air Force Operational Entomology Course
Target Audience: Public Health (PH) Technicians (4E031), Medical Entomologists (43HXE) and CE Pest Management (3E4X3) with priority to members in 7-Level Upgrade Training or to become Fully Qualified (Officers) in AFSC or personnel assigned to mobility positions or from installations with a high risk of vector-borne disease.
Others: Active Duty (AD), ANG and AF Reserve personnel with AFSCs of 43H3 (Public Health Officer), 4N0X1C (Independent Duty Medical Technician), 48A3 (Aerospace Medicine Specialist) or their DoD equivalents and other personnel with consent of Course Director/Faculty.
Course Description: A five day course that builds advanced individual capabilities to perform surveillance and control for disease vectors that significantly impact military missions during war or operations other than war. Emphasis is placed on preventing vector-borne disease morbidity and mortality. Instruction includes vector biology, vector borne disease, surveillance techniques, risk assessment, and control strategies. The course consists of lecture, 2.5 days field work and vector identification, culminating in an oral exercise presenting a vector-ecology profile and recommendations for surveillance, control and risk mitigation steps for personnel in a contingency operation setting. Upon completion of course personnel will be prepared to: 1) Identify potentials for vector-borne disease, 2) Apply epidemiology and intelligence gathering principles, 3) Understand & perform different methods of vector surveillance and control, as well as personal protection, 4) Relate vectors with corresponding pathogens/diseases and 5) Conduct pre-deployment planning for PH issues related to vector-borne pathogen risks & mitigation. NOTE: This course does not provide hands-on pesticide use training or certification.
Prerequisites: Fully qualified for Worldwide deployment and have no medical conditions limiting full participation in the field portion of the course. Enlisted must be E-4 or higher and officers (Except 43HXE) must be fully qualified in their AFSC and have a minimum of one year of service. Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis.

For additional information about the course or to request a seat in the course (4E031 Public Health only), contact the course director, Maj Stephanie White. All others requesting a seat in the course, should contact their unit or MAJCOM training manager. ANG and AF Reserve personnel coordinate attendance through their local unit training managers. NOTE: Central funding is only provided for AF 4E031 and 43HXE attendees, all others must utilize unit funding.

Unit/MAJCOM training managers may contact USAFSAM Registrar, for seat quota/availability information.

Shipboard Pest Management (Navy only)

  Shipboard Pest Management (Navy only)
Course #: B-322-1075
Target Audience: HM, MS. Civilian personnel submit request via cognizant Division Entomologist, Naval Facilities Engineering Command.
Course Description: Pest management training tailored to the shipboard environment. One day of classroom instruction followed by a visit to attendees’ ships for the field training requirement. Course curriculum includes: Responsibilities for pest control aboard Naval vessels; preparation for pesticide treatment, pesticide and safety, respiratory control program, biology, survey and control of cockroaches, stored products pests, rodents, bedbugs, lice, flies, and mosquitoes
Prerequisites: None

Pest Management Apprentice Course (Air Force only)

  Pest Management Apprentice Course (Air Force only)
Course #: 3ABR3E433 00AA
Target Audience: 3E4X3, Pest Management Air Force Specialty
Course Description: A 6-week, course that trains initial skills enlisted personnel. It awards the 3-skill level for the 3E4X3, Pest Management Air Force Specialty. HQ Air Staff and HQ AETC provide quota management. In addition to providing requirements specified in DoD 4150.7-P, this course provides training on Air Force Civil Engineer organizational structure and management, contingency operations, as well as hazardous waste handling procedures. The apprentice course offers Air Force graduates 13 semester hours towards a Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) degree.
Prerequisites: None