Information Technology Portfolio Management of Sustainment Investments (PM)

The DoDI 8115.02 (PDF, 4.38MB), Information Technology Portfolio Management established policy for Information Technology (IT) portfolio management and the National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12 NDAA) (PDF, 1.26MB) established policy for IT investment management. Each functional area within the DoD has responsibility of managing their IT portfolio. The Business Systems & Information Directorate (BSI) supports the management of the Energy, Installations & Environment (EI&E) IT portfolio through the DoD Chief Management Officer (DCMO)/DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) IT investment management process and through the governance of the EI&E Functional Business Governance Board (FBGB).

Through the IT investment management process the BSI Directorate oversees the suite of all EI&E IT initiatives and systems related to its functional scope across DoD. This responsibility includes aligning systems with desired functional strategies, priorities, capabilities, and outcomes; reducing redundant investments and implementations; verifying architecture and standards; protecting information assets; and ensuring the portfolio supports the warfighter.

The BSI Directorate supports the management of its scope and portfolio through the EI&E FBGB. The FBGB is the authoritative governance body comprised of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (ASD) EI&E and DoD Component EI&E offices tasked to carry out express responsibilities and authorities relating to EI&E IT management and business process improvement. These responsibilities and authorizations are defined in Public Law, and are documented in the Department’s Strategic Management Plan, and the EI&E Functional Business Strategy.
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