Real Property (RP)

The Department of Defense's real estate portfolio is one of the world’s largest, with over 500,000 buildings and structures at more than 500 installations, comprising over millions of acres of land spread throughout the United States, U.S. territories and over 30 other foreign countries. DoD's inventory of real property provides a baseline for strategic readiness in addition to enabling effective identification of resources for facility sustainment and modernization requirements.

Inventory changes are reflected as DoD responds to mission requirements and facilities are acquired, maintained, consolidated, recapitalized, realigned, or disposed.

The Military Departments and Washington Headquarters Services are legally responsible for the DoD real property under their jurisdiction, control and management. However, BSI issues OSD policy, guides the Business Enterprise Architecture, and works to ensure common business processes and data interoperability across the entire real property life cycle. BSI provides an integrated data warehouse of real property assets that enables data analysis and recommendations that facilitate decision making and inform complex business challenges.

BSI serves as the focal point for all matters related to the inventory of real property assets in which the DoD has interests and facilitates collaboration between DoD organizations to provide a foundation for achieving real property efficiencies through policy, standardized data, systems and processes. BSI is also the focal point for all real property data submission to federal government systems and for interacting with the Office of Management and Budget (and other federal agencies) on all matters dealing with real property benchmarking and performance metrics.

BSI facilitates internal analysis of the real property portfolio and reporting through its development and support of the Data Analytics and Integration Support (DAIS) system supplying a common platform for the DoD real property inventory giving users a discoverable, web-based interface for analysis.

Besides issuing and maintaining Real Property Unique Identifiers (RPUIDs) and Real Property Site Unique Identifiers (RPSUIDs), DAIS helps maintain data standards through the application of the Real Property Information Model (RPIM) metadata requirements and business rules to all submitted information. DAIS is used as an official repository for real property data, real-time queries, and requests for current asset information. Annual reporting data will be prepared from the annual consolidated Real Property Asset Database (RPAD) used for OMB and Congressional reporting, as well as the Base Structure Report data, a myriad of other DoD reports, model input such as the Facilities Sustainment Model, and a RPI reconciliation capability to automate, track, and enable reconciliation between the real property inventories of the Defense Components. DoD Component RPIs.
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