Other Efforts

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)

To protect its Service members and prevent releases to the environment, DoD has limited the use of AFFF to responding to emergency events and land-based testing and training only where it can be completely contained and properly disposed. The Department treats each use of AFFF as a spill response to limit environmental effects. DoD is continuing efforts to identify fluorine-free foams and transition to firefighting alternatives that do not contain PFAS and meets the strict safety standards in the MILSPEC required to protect DoD Service members at shore-based facilities.

The move towards complete replacement of AFFF to a flourine-free firefighting solution is a multi-faceted process with DoD leading efforts to fund and support each facet of this process. DoD has revised the military specification (MILSPEC) standard for firefighting solutions to ensure products do not contain detectable levels of PFOS or PFOA. DoD has also invested in research to develop fluorine-free substitutes for AFFF that meet the military's stringent MILSPEC performance criteria. Finally, DoD Components are working towards removing and replacing AFFF containing PFAS from the supply system, but have implemented procedures into current processes to limit the use and potential release of AFFF into the environment. These combined efforts reinforce DoD' s commitment to meeting critical mission requirements while protecting human health and the environment. More information on each facet of this process can be found by clicking on the links below.