The Department of Defense’s (DOD) goal is to support the military’s combat readiness mission by ensuring continued access to the nearly 27 million acres of military land, air, water, and cultural resources and built infrastructure needed to accomplish vital military operations. Collectively, the Environmental Planning & Conservation (EP&C) portfolio enables environmental conservation, cultural and tribal stewardship and partnerships, environmental equity and justice, and all-hazards emergency planning, response, and recovery to facilitate full-spectrum installation resilience through innovation, synergy, and leadership. The efforts and coordination of the EP&C programs allows the Department to effectively manage, protect, and steward our National natural and cultural resources, tribal relations, and installation community health and resilience while successfully executing our national defense mission.

EP&C LeadershipEP&C Leadership

Ryan Orndorff

Director, Environmental Planning & Conservation

Elizabeth (Liz) Galli-Noble

Program Director, Legacy Resource Management Program

Kathryn (Kate) Plimpton

Deputy Federal Preservation Office & Cultural Resources Program Lead

Alicia Sylvester

Senior Tribal Advisor and Liaison

Anne Jewell

Program Manager, Wildland Fire & Emergency Services

Terry Bowers

Environmental Planning and Conservation Policy, Environmental Justice