EVM Interpretation and Issue Resolution Request

The PARCA EVM Interpretation and Issue Resolution (IIR) Process provides both Industry and Government a vehicle for formally submitting requests to PARCA regarding existing DoD EVM policy and guidance. The process is intended to be used when a particular question or concern cannot be answered within the requestor's natural organization's chain of command. Where appropriate, IIR responses are made available to the public via lessons learned on the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section on the PARCA EVM website. FAQs reflect guidance on the interpretation of DoD EVM policy and guidance to promote a common understanding and consistent implementation of DoD EVM Policy throughout the EVM community. Any information, guidance, or recommended resolutions provided by PARCA EVM through the IIR process do not replace any contractual documents, requirements, or any Contracting Officer's direction on a given contract.

How to submit a request:

Once the form has been received and reviewed you will be notified regarding the status of the resolution of the request.

Process flow for formal request towards a contract's Waiver or Deviation:

IIR Flow

The number of days may vary depending on the complexity of the request.