CWP provides funding on a competitive basis to DoD organizations to conduct cooperative research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) projects with foreign partners. The goals of the CWP program are to:
  • Collaboratively address strategic technology gaps for current and future missions

  • Develop interoperability solutions for coalition operations

  • Strengthen current defense partnerships and developing new relationships

Through an annual, competitive process, CWP selects projects that increase coalition capabilities in support of operational, technological, or political objectives. CWP projects enable project teams to move a technology into the next stage of development or prepare for transition to operational forces.


Cooperative RDT&E is any project or program with U.S. and foreign government partners committed to accomplishing a common objective. In these projects:
  • Work can be done jointly and/or separately to achieve a common goal

  • Each government has equitable participation in the research and development elements of the project

  • Each government gains defense benefits from engaging in the project

  • Each government provides contributions to execute the effort, to include: government labor, equipment, facility use, industrial and academic participation

  • Tests and demonstrations prove out the overarching research and development efforts


CWP selects projects for funding through an annual competitive process.  CWP will accept submissions only from Department of Defense organizations.  A nomination package consists of Annexes A (Quad Chart), B (Nomination Form) and C (Resource Plan).

CWP Deadlines for FY21 CWP Nominations

August 9, 2019
- Annex A (Quad Chart) due to CWP Office by 1700 EDT.

October 11, 2019 – First Draft of Full Nomination Packages (Annexes A, B and C) due to CWP Office by 1700 EDT

December 6, 2019 – Complete Nominations Packages due to CWP Office by 1700 EST.

Contact your Service/Agency International Program office to learn about organization-specific pre-submission deadlines:
  • Army: DASA(DE&C)
  • Navy: Navy IPO
  • Air Force: SAF/IAPC


  • Have a U.S. DoD-led Project Team committed to managing and executing the project

  • Have foreign government defense partner(s) equally committed to managing and executing the project

  • Show legitimate use for RDT&E funding

  • Clearly identify R&D activities that will be completed by each partner

  • Respond to one or more documented DoD needs

  • Establish the appropriate international agreements in time to execute project

  • Show reasonable plan for delivering tangible product

  • Identify transition path and show commitment to transition in writing


The CWP Team works with DoD experts to ensure projects meet Combatant Command and DoD needs.  In most cases, technologies or outcomes developed under CWP projects are not region-specific, but rather benefit the DoD in multiple theaters.


CWP will provide 1 to 3 years of RDT&E “seed” funding.  Maximum project length is 3 years.
  • Maximum request is $2M.  Requests for maximum funding have to be clear “game changers”

  • CWP funds pay for U.S. tasks only

CWP requires matching contributions from the U.S. Project Team and foreign partners.  These contributions can be a mix of financial and in-kind resources dedicated to executing the project. Financial contributions show project team commitment to the technology/outcome and transition.
  • Other (non-CWP) U.S. contributions have to be equal to or exceed the CWP request.

  • U.S. regulations require “equitable” contributions from each partner. In most cases, that means equal to the total U.S. contribution.


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