Frequently Asked Questions

Q - I am looking for employment with (A&S) IC.

A: IC does not accept job resumes directly. All government jobs are listed and hired through USAJOBS. IC actively participates in internship and fellows programs.

Q - I would like to share unclassified information with multinational partners, NGOs or U.S. federal and state agencies. Where/how can I do this?

A: One solution is the All Partners Access Network (APAN) which is a DoD-developed collaboration site that allows for specific groups to be formed to share unclassified information. Learn about APAN at

Q - How can I get information concerning courses and schedules dealing with defense acquisition or international cooperation?

A: Please visit the Defense Acquisition University's website at DAU and A&S/IC have developed an International Acquisition Career Path for knowledge on international cooperative programs, defense sales and transfers, international acquisition strategy development and technology security and foreign disclosure. .

Q - Where can I find unclassified information about technical research on projects?

A: Please visit the Defense Innovation Marketplace or DoDTechipedia (CAC-enabled).

Q - How do I advertise my products/technologies to the Department of Defense. How do I go about this?

A: The Department of Defense uses a contract-based system for purchasing. Please see The Guide to DoD Contracting.
For international contracting and U.S. restrictions go to Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy.

Q - I am looking for Department of Defense Issuances and Directives.

A: DoD directives can be located at