The mission of the International Cooperation (IC) Office is to strengthen key international partnerships through cooperative Acquisition & Sustainment initiatives to improve interoperability and sharpen the warfighter’s technological edge. TEST


Enable a lethal, secure, and networked constellation of allies and partners.


  • Integrity in carrying out our delegated authorities, programs, and functions.
  • Mastery of our focus areas and commitment to excellence.
  • Ingenuity in mission execution and continuous improvement in our approach.

Areas of Responsibility

International Armaments Cooperation

  • Authorize and facilitate the identification, advancement, and implementation of DoD’s:
    • Cooperative research, development, testing, and evaluation of defense technologies, systems, or equipment;
    • Joint production, sustainment and follow-on development of defense articles; and
    • Procurement of foreign technology, equipment, systems or logistics support solutions that uniquely meet U.S. needs.

Protecting Technology:

  • Promote exportability through inclusion of technology protection features in systems to:
    • Streamline the transfer of military capabilities to partners;
    • Decrease costs to the DoD and foreign customer; and
    • Improve competitiveness of U.S. defense systems in the global marketplace.
  • Inform Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure (TSFD) decisions by enforcing the imperative to protect critical technology and information from diversion.

Political-Military Focus:

  • Provide international expertise and geo-political awareness on issues affecting A&S activities;
  • Manage bilateral and multilateral fora to promote international cooperative programs and facilitate DoD access to new technology; and
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of defense policies on international cooperation in coordination with U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, and industry.


  • Operational: Enhance the interoperability of U.S. forces with international partners through cooperative development and the integration of common defense capabilities
  • Economic: Reduce acquisition costs by sharing economic burden and promoting foreign sales
  • Technical: Leverage the best technology by incorporating global sourcing
  • Political: Advance relationships with international partners through cooperation
  • Industrial: Bolster the domestic and allied defense industrial base through industrial collaboration and innovation