Office of International Cooperation Programs and Functions

Authorization of International Armaments Cooperation Agreements: Develops DoD policies for and authorizes the development and negotiation of international agreements related to research, development, testing, evaluation, production, and personnel exchanges.

Coalition Warfare Program (CWP): Provides supplemental funding, leveraging U.S. DoD and foreign partner investment, to conduct cooperative research and development projects to enhance interoperability, delivering technical solutions to the warfighter.

Defense Exportability Features (DEF) Program: Fosters planning within DoD acquisition programs during the life cycle of weapons systems through supplemental funding for the development of exportability features.

Support to the USD(A&S) as the National Armaments Director: Informs and shapes dialogue with international partners on Acquisition and Sustainment issues.

Support to Defense Trade Cooperation Treaties implementation: Serves as the lead DoD organization for managing implementation of the Defense Trade Cooperation Treaties with Australia and the United Kingdom.

Technology Security / Foreign Disclosure (TSFD): Fosters informed decisions across DoD and interagency stakeholders to ensure technology protection, while enhancing the military capability of international partners. Serves as the OUSD(A&S) disclosure authority.

Authorization of Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (ACSAs): Coordinates the review and approval of Joint Staff requests to negotiate ACSA agreements.

NATO Logistics, Standardization, and Support Partnerships: Represents DoD interests in logistics, standardization, and Alliance support partnership agreements administered by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency within the Alliance governance structures.