OUSD(A&S) is focused on forming an acquisition system that moves at the speed of relevance, and to do that, has been shaped into an organization that provides a defense-wide adaptive acquisition framework from need identification to disposal.

Using data-driven analysis linked to the National Defense Strategy, OUSD(A&S) scales to enable new product and process development and supports a culture of innovation, critical thinking, and creative compliance.

Looking forward, OUSD(A&S) is prioritizing initiatives focused on rapidly responding to COCOMs' needs, modernizing the nuclear deterrent, executing acquisition reforms, sustaining critical weapon systems, collaborating with emerging partners, and ensuring our Nation's industrial base is robust, secure, resilient and innovative. To be successful, we are ensuring our more than 170,000 acquisition professionals are prepared to take on these challenges through relevant training that is tailored to their immediate needs.


The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment provides policy and governance, for the Department of Defense and the national security innovation base, that enables the delivery and sustainment of critical capabilities to the U.S. Service Members and allies.

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