Our Areas of Responsibility

Joint Urgent Operational Need/Joint Emergent Operational Need

  • Receives and evaluates validated JUONs/JEONs, and other critical warfighter issues that the Warfighter SIG designates for action; designates DoD Components to be responsible for the fulfillment of urgent needs. Monitors the progress and completion of the actions to ensure rapid fielding of needed capabilities.
  • Maintains visibility of DoD Component efforts to satisfy UONs and informs the Warfighter SIG of the status of JUON/JEON funding, contracting, delivery, performance, training, fielding, sustainment, and/or other issues affecting timely fulfillment.

The Warfighter Senior Integration Group (Afghanistan, Counter ISIS)

  • Develops implementing policies and procedures for the operation of the Warfighter SIG and the JRAC. Establishes, chairs or assigns working groups subordinate to the Warfighter SIG.

Funding Urgent Warfighter Needs

  • Serves as the senior official within OSD with primary responsibility for making recommendations to the Secretary of Defense on the use of rapid acquisition authority (RAA) as provided for in subsections (c) and (d) of section 806 of Public Law 107-314.
  • Advises the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)/Chief Financial Officer, Department of Defense (USD(C)/CFO) of resources required to facilitate the timely resolution of urgent warfighter needs and assist in the resolution of funding issues as required.

Legislative Proposals

  • Facilitates, generates, and/or sponsors legislative and policy actions that promote the effectiveness, efficiency, and timeliness of satisfying validated UONs across DoD.

Our Mission

The Office of the Executive Director, Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell provides Warfighter Senior Integration Group oversight for all ongoing operations; coordinates Combatant Commander-wide joint urgent and emergent operation needs; and assists the Department of Defense in refining requirements and policy best suited for rapid acquisition.

Our Vision

We are the Department of Defense’s enduring premier quick reaction capability organization, spanning department boundaries, leveraging polarities between the deliberate and rapid processes, shaping the Department’s culture to remain agile in the face of urgent and emergent threats, and anticipating and leading change.


We rapidly assess, task organize, and appropriately respond to unpredictable situations in an inherently pressurized resource environment to identify and deliver immediate warfighter capabilities.


We quickly identify the correct cross-functional subject matter experts to help resolve a problem and effectively facilitate the sharing of knowledge, creativity and consensus building.


We remain impartial while enabling quick reaction capabilities for the warfighter.


We drive solutions to unique and complex problems based on determination, resourcefulness, and the ability to creatively see beyond the obvious –pushing past the known to accomplish the mission.


We routinely accomplish the most difficult and unimaginable acquisition tasks in austere resource and policy constrained environments with resolute determination to accomplish the mission.