Thomas S. Troyano

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Strategic, Space, and Intelligence Portfolio Management

Mr. Thomas Troyano is currently the acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Strategic, Space, and Intelligence Portfolio Management (SSIPM). In this role, he manages and is responsible for acquisition shaping, analysis, and oversight of Warfighter capability portfolios across DoD in the nuclear weapons systems; nuclear command, control, and communications; missile defense; and space domains.

As the Director for Strategic Deterrence and Capabilities in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (OUSD(A&S)), Mr. Troyano also serves as focal point for nuclear modernization acquisition programs and portfolio. This portfolio includes the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD), Long-Range Stand Off Weapon (LRSO) and the B61-12 Tailkit Assembly programs; portfolio assessments, including the COLUMBIA, B-21, and F-35 DCA programs; and sustainment of legacy nuclear TRIAD systems, such as the Minuteman III.

Mr. Troyano led the “Delivery Systems” working group of the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), as well as the successful Milestone A and B Defense Acquisition Board reviews of GBSD, and Milestone A and DEVRFP release Defense Acquisition Boards for LRSO. He has also led or co-led nuclear Strategic Portfolio Reviews (SPRs) for the Deputy Secretary of Defense, reviews of the nuclear program budgets, and assessments of LRSO and intercontinental ballistic missile/submarine-launched ballistic missile commonality options. He has represented acquisition at the Nuclear Weapons Council and supported high-priority enhancements under the Nuclear Enterprise Review. Mr. Troyano is also responsible for ensuring Department of Defense (DoD) programs comply with U.S. strategic treaty obligations. He chairs the DoD “Compliance Review Group,” focusing on cost-effective, compliant solutions to support the Warfighter. He led numerous Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) and Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty reviews, including B-1 weapons upgrades and SSBN/SSGN conversions. He also served on U.S. delegations, and advised leadership on negotiation impacts (such as New START).

Mr. Troyano has served on the OUSD(A&S) staff since 1994, including as the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Space, Strategic, and Intelligence Systems (SSI). As Acting DASD, he led an office of 55 civilian, military, and contractor staff with a portfolio including nuclear and missile defense systems, space payloads/launch systems, and Conventional Prompt Strike (CPS). SSI led efforts in the NPR, Missile Defense Review, and Space Governance Review, as well as to transition CPS to lead Service, including resolving budget issues and briefing Congressional staff.

Mr. Troyano served as ExecSec for the Under-Secretary led “DoD-DHS Capability Development Working Group,” which identified R&D/acquisition cooperation opportunities. He also led an asymmetric nuclear attack review and establishment of Global CWMD Awareness System (GCAS).

Prior to joining the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Mr. Troyano was a Deputy Project Manager with Science Applications International Corp from 1987-1994.

Mr. Troyano has been recognized with the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive twice (2008 and 2017), the DoD Exceptional Civilian Service Medal (1997), and the Meritorious Civilian Service Medal (2001 and 2011). He holds a Master of Arts in Security Policy Studies (1987) and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (1984) from George Washington University.

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