Energy is an essential enabler of military capability, and the Department depends on energy-resilient forces and facilities to achieve its mission. In FY 2018, the Department consumed over 85 million barrels of fuel to power ships, aircraft, combat vehicles, and contingency bases at a cost of nearly $9.2 billion. At over 500 worldwide military installations, the Department spent $3.4 billion in FY 2018 on energy to power over 585,000 facilities and 160,000 non-tactical vehicles.

The National Defense Strategy outlines an operational environment where “every domain is contested – air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace,” and emphasizes that the “homeland is no longer a sanctuary.” Preparing for the battlefield of 2025 and sustaining resilient installations necessitates the assured delivery of cyber-secure fuel and power in contested environments against near-peer competitors.

The mission of the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Energy (ODASD(Energy)) is to sustain warfighting readiness and lethality by providing all energy-related policy and governance for programs and activities that enable resilient, efficient, and cyber-secure energy for Joint forces, weapon systems and installations. To do so, ODASD(Energy) supports initiatives across four primary areas:

-Energy Resilience: Enhancing the military capability, readiness, and resilience of our installations and forces through assured access to resilient and cyber secure fuel and power.

-Energy Risk: Identifying, assessing, and integrating energy-related analyses and risks into Department decision-making associated with requirements, deliberate planning, wargames and exercises, installation master planning, Energy Resilience and Conservation Investment Program (ERCIP), and investments in forces and installations.

-Energy Performance: Ensuring energy efficiency and lower costs at DoD installations through reliable, efficient use of power and alternative financing mechanisms.

-Cyber Secure Facilities: Reducing the cyber risks to facility related control systems to ensure reliable power for critical missions.

ODASD(Energy) is dedicated to ensuring that DoD has the resilient energy needed to deter wars and protect the security of our nation.


DASD(E&ER), Director Energy

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