The office of Facilities Management (FM) is responsible for the stewardship of DoD installations on behalf of the Secretary of Defense. In this role, FM is the central policy advocate on facilities for the Defense Agencies, DoD Field Activities, and U.S. Special Operations Command, as these DoD Components do not report through a Military Department. FM's installation portfolio includes over 555,000 facilities worldwide (including buildings and linear and vertical structures); located at over 5,000 sites; and covering more than 28 million acres.


Military Housing Privatization

Congress established the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) in 1996 as a tool to help the military improve the quality of life for its service members by improving the condition of their housing. The MHPI was designed and developed to attract private sector financing, expertise and innovation to provide necessary housing faster and more efficiently than traditional Military Construction processes would allow.


Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Facilities Management

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Facilities Management, Mr. Michael McAndrew Mr. Michael McAndrew

Mr. Michael McAndrew is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Facilities Management within the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Sustainment). He provides executive leadership on all matters pertaining to DoD’s physical infrastructure, to include development and execution of policies, guidance, and procedures for construction, operations, maintenance and repair of DoD’s worldwide facilities to enhance and preserve warfighting capabilities, and provide safe working and living conditions for our military personnel and families. His responsibilities include all matters related to the unaccompanied and family housing programs; Military Housing Privatization Initiative; real property maintenance; facility operations; and host-nation programs related to facility construction and management.


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