The Department of Defense (DoD) has committed to a four year program to prevent and mitigate the impact of counterfeit materiel within its supply chain. In support of this program, SCI efforts include developing and publishing policy guidance on counterfeit prevention to all DOD components and defense contractors; establishing consistent practices for preventing, detecting, reporting, and disposing of counterfeit parts; leveraging existing DOD components and industry anti-counterfeit initiatives and practices; and analyzing the knowledge and data collected to best target and refine counterfeit materiel risk-mitigation strategies. As part of the four year program, SCI is also focused on expanding DoD awareness of the counterfeit materiel threat; establishing a Counterfeit Center of Excellence (analysis, metrics, trend reporting); and developing modifications to existing data exchange/reporting systems to better enable information management and utilization.

Overarching DoD Counterfeit Prevention Guidance — March 16, 2012

Anti Counterfeit Image

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