The Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station (VDATS) is the Air Force member of the DoD Families-of-Testers and is the Air Force's directed and preferred automatic test solution. The station has a modular, open architecture design and is highly adaptable to most electronic testing needs. It was originally designed for depot testing capabilities, but is suitable for and will soon be implemented for use at the Intermediate level under controlled conditions. The system is currently built organically at WR-ALC Depot and Tobyhanna Army Depot.

The tester comes in two core configurations, the primary being the Digital Analog (DA)-1 which is designed to handle a majority of analog and light digital requirements, and an alternative DA-2 station provides enhanced digital testing for more advanced avionic testing requirements. Additionally, there is a Radio-Frequency (RF) roll-up assembly that provides standard RF test capability.

Maintaining a stable core configuration is a primary goal of the VDATS program. However, flexibility is key to successful implementation and reduction of unique ATS solutions so the VDATS design allows for modular capability enhancements through Mission Equipment Support Sets (MESS) for small augmentations or Roll-up bays for larger augmentations that are portable among the core stations. This preserves the configuration stability of the station design while providing enhanced flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of workload requirements, which also reduces the proliferation of unique test stations. To date, 51 stations have been delivered to support depot operations with a planned total of 150 stations acquired through FY17. This will complete the known complement of depot ATS requirements and establish significant workload flexibility for all Air Force depots while reducing the life cycle sustainment costs for all legacy and currently known and planned future weapon system procurements.


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