Working Integrated Product Teams (WIPTs) are designed to perform specific research or action related to CBM+ goals and objectives that will move the CBM+ initiative forward. Several unique technologies, concepts, and procedures that support CBM+ are already established within DoD. For example, some Service efforts with interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs), automated information technology (AIT), and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) have been underway for years. The CBM+ AG may request the support or participation of individual Service, joint Service, OSD, or industry personnel to gain knowledge of additional or new CBM+ technologies or processes. The CBM+ AG may establish a relationship with existing programs or initiate a new WIPT to pursue a specific CBM+ task, concept, or initiative.

In their specific areas of interest, the WIPTs have the following responsibilities:

  • Conducting and coordinating activities based on specific plans of action and milestones (POA&Ms)
  • Providing recommendations or performing actions, as appropriate
  • Meeting with the CBM+ AG, as directed

Each WIPT will have a designated leader and include representation across DoD. WIPT leaders will provide reports to the CBM+ AG. CBM+ AG members will nominate subject matter experts to participate on the WIPTs. Industry representatives will be allowed participation, at the discretion of the CBM+ AG. WIPT membership is based on expertise and may include members outside the National Capital Region. Based on guidance from the CBM+ AG, WIPTs will develop goals and a POA&M that addresses an improvement in a maintenance technology, process, policy, or capability. Areas of interest can include reliability, training, standards, or CBM. WIPTs will remain in existence only to accomplish those specific goals and should be disbanded when the action is completed.

2013 WIPTs

CBM+ WIPTs are established at the direction of the CBM+ AG to conduct research and development activity pertaining to specific maintenance improvement issues. With the assistance and involvement of the CBM+ AG, the WIPTs are chartered to perform specific action that will further overall CBM+ objectives and should be disbanded when the action is complete, unless additional goals are established. WIPT leaders will report to the AG, as directed.

  • The RCM WIPT is chartered to develop and further the understanding of RCM across the Services and improve RCM application in DoD weapon systems. Tasks will be delineated in their own Charter.
  • The EFAC WIPT is chartered to identify and oversee current and emerging commercial industry activity for demonstration, testing, and assessment. The project will use standardized fluid analysis and technical support for condition monitoring of oil and other lubricants in selected maintenance organizations. This coordinated demonstration, testing, and assessment will be done under the oversight of the Joint Oil Analysis Program Executive Committee (JOAP-EC).
  • The Metrics WIPT is chartered to conduct activities that develop and publish appropriate metrics for Service CBM+ initiatives. The objective is to establish suitable metrics to be used in a DoD CBM+ Service review and status report in support of the ongoing DoD maintenance efficiency efforts. Tasks are delineated in their Charter.
  • The JIT WIPT is chartered to define and validate joint performance requirements for a Joint Service intermittent fault detection system and to leverage current and emerging commercial industry activity for demonstration, testing, and cost analysis leading to publication of a joint performance requirements Military-Performance (Mil-PRF) document . Tasks will be delineated in their Charter.
  • The Guidebook WIPT charter is under development.
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